Have you been mail scammed?

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Have you been mail scammed?

Postby Guest » August 11th, 2007, 11:58 am

Okay, I was scammed.. I am collecting info on this person so I need to get as many case stories on the person. Because most thieves immediately take the defensive I will not post the name here, but I will give you enough info to be able to match if the same thing has happened to you.
Here are some stories already collected:
The person sold an SUC case via The Cafe and the buyer never got it
The person sold an expensive book test and the buyer only got newspapers in the box that weighed the same as the book test.
The person tried to sell a Zingg wallet, but the buyer got a little suspicious so he asked the seller to send a photo of the wallet. The buyer thought the photo looked suspicious so he asked the seller to send another picture and include a card that showed the sellers name on it so he knew it was taken in real time. Suddenly the seller said his camera was on the fritz and never responded again.

Here are some similarities on how this person works:
You put a want ad on one of the boards to get a product and this person immediately contacts you and always says he has several of those items and all in mint condition.
The person either does not send it once you paid, or sends a box of the product, but the product is not in there or sends a box full of papers that weigh as much as the product.
The box is shipped via DHL.
When contacted the person makes a lot of excuses as to what happened and why.
If you've had this happen then please contact me via a PM and I'll discuss it only if you have the same name on the person. IF this has happened to you then I hope you've kept all emails with this person, especially if they catch the person in a lie... I want as much of a paper trail as possible.
This is mail fraud. It is a federal offense.
I love the magic community and I hate to see people scammed this way. I didn't lose much in this deal. So little that some would say it's not worth the effort, but I think it's time to stop people from doing it to others. I can afford it, but what about some 11 year old who saves his money and then gets ripped off? I don't want this to happen to anyone else.
So if you have any leads send them to me via Genii forums. Also, if you want you can post this in other forums. I'm posting this on the Cafe one so you don't have to do it there.

Thanks for your time.



Re: Have you been mail scammed?

Postby Guest » August 12th, 2007, 6:37 am

I've received a few stories that connect with this person. Thanks, guys. Keep them coming if you have more. What has shocked me is how many guys have written with their own stories of being scammed and it's not the person I'm seeking. There is a lot of scamming going on in this community. Shame.

So if you have been scammed the write to me through this forum and we'll match info if it's the same person.

Thanks again.


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