Derren Brown's "Seance" banned on Channel 4

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Derren Brown's "Seance" banned on Channel 4

Postby Guest » August 17th, 2003, 4:38 am

According to today's People (a popular UK Sunday tabloid newspaper), Derren has been banned by Channel 4 (a UK tv channel, which is slightly biased towards art, entertainment and youth TV, and the channel that shows Derren's TV specials) from performing his "seance" effect on TV. Apparently, any "psychic expiriments" are not allowed to be shown on TV these days.

Anyone who saw his last tour will be familiar with the "seance", before which he does in fact inform the audience that there are no pyschic events taking place, no one is contacting the dead, he is merely manipulating the participants into making certain decisions that will determine the outcome of the show. Some of you will be aware of the methods and techniques used in this effect, and as you all know, psychic powers do not come into it.

The People also mentioned Brown's "Russian roulette experiment". It seems that in the eyes of the People, at least, Derren's character is real - he is not a Magician, or psychic, but some kind of scientist, playing with people's minds.

Let's hope that Derren doesn't start to believe his own hype, and turn into Geller.

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