Erdnase and Robert-Houdin on Magical Past-Times

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Erdnase and Robert-Houdin on Magical Past-Times

Postby Guest » August 12th, 2006, 3:39 pm

Hi, everyone: We FINALLY have some new articles on the wonderful Magical Past-Times website (thanks to our friend Gary Hunt, founder of MPT, for his infinite patience with us). You'll enjoy:

1. New findings on E.S. Andrews in my search for Expert at the Card Table's author, S.W. Erdnase (What was he doing in Dubuque in 1902 and how did he buy diamonds in Fort Wayne in 1904?)

2. Robert-Houdin's Top 16 list of his favorite effects, in his own words, which I've translated from the 1859 French edition of his Memoirs...first time in English!

3. Roy Benson's life story in the complete "Psychopathic Suite for Piano and Triangle" from Roy Benson by Starlight

And over a hundred more fascinating articles on classic magicians. You'll love the great pieces and illustrations Gary assembled over the years!

Now: Magical Past-Times would love to publish your articles on magic-history research. I wrote the current featured pieces singlehandedly, and I don't want to turn the site into an unending ad for Miracle Factory books!

So send me your latest research, book reviews, overview of your pet collection, or glimpses of some of the rarities in your magic den! Many thanks in advance!

Also, if you'd like to be updated on new articles on Magical Past-Times, please send me your email!

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