COINvention 9/17

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COINvention 9/17

Postby Danny Archer » July 16th, 2003, 12:42 pm


Never before has there been a magic convention dedicated exclusively to coin magic .. until now on September 17th, the day after the Las Vegas Magic Invitational at the San Remo hotel the worlds first COINvention takes place

Imagine spending 24 hours watching and working with the worlds greatest sleight of hand coin magicians.

Lectures by: Geoff Latta, David Roth, David Neighbors and Michael Rubinstein,

Workshops/Performances by (partial listing):
Dean Dill, Kainoa Harbottle, Curtis Kam, Bob Kohler, Reed McClintock, Shoot Ogawa, Paul Wilson, Danny Archer, Daryl, Bob Fitch, Chris Korn, Nathan Kranzo, Geoff Latta, Armando Lucero, Reed McClintock, Shoot Ogawa, Apollo Robbins, David Roth, Michael Rubinstein, and Michael Rubinstein, Garrett Thomas, Doug Brewer, Dan Watkins and more great coin workers to be announced.

The day will be comprised of workshops, lectures, panel discussions, formal shows, breakout sessions and a chance for everyone who wishes to conjure with coins. A DVD will be filmed live for release to the magic community. To help get you in the mood for coins LVMI will spotlight coin magic on Monday, with coin lectures by Curtis Kam and Shoot Ogawa. Even the close-up show that day will feature coin magic. The worlds first coin only convention will be an historic event join us and be a part of history

COINvention Registration $85.00

Registration is limited. Act now! No refunds after 8/1/03.

register on the web site (, or contact
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Re: COINvention 9/17

Postby opie » July 16th, 2003, 7:17 pm

It is about time that coin magicians hold a real convention and/or workshop to show the magic world that real mysteries can be done with everyday objects like coins and that there are some specialists in the world in that genre....Break a half-dozen fingers guys and gals....I wish I could join you....opie

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