Inside Magic's Magic March Madness Entries Still Open

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Inside Magic's Magic March Madness Entries Still Open

Postby Guest » March 19th, 2004, 6:31 am

Here's the scoop. Just like the NCAA Men's Basketball March Madness,
the Inside Magic March Madness is just as exciting and will likely be
the subject of water-cooler conversation. Unlike the basketball
version, there will likely be no sweating, few Gatorade advertisements
and zero chance of Dick Vitale saying anything about any part of the

We've divided the world of magic into four realms: magicians (still
performing); magic effects (ever); Legends of Magic (no longer
performing or deceased); and Magic Stores (either web-based or brick
and mortar) or Magic Clubs (brick and mortar only).

Each division will have 16 entries, initially. We'll get those entries
from your submissions and from the Inside Magic March Madness Naming
Committee. Once the brackets are filled out so we have 16 entries in
each of the four regions (magicians (still performing); Magic Effects;
Legends of Magic; and Magic Stores or Magic Clubs).

Your votes will be counted at each round and we'll knock out the losers
until we've pared down the ranks to a Final Four. At that point, we'll
have one representative from each category and then as unfair as it
seems we'll take votes on who or what should win.

"But wait," you say, "that means Criss Angel could be going up against
Houdini, the Milk Pitcher and the Magic Castle!"

Yes but only at the very end. To get there, each of those four would
have to beat entries similar to them to get there. After all, Criss
Angel could lose to Li'l Tom Hardy, America's Foremost Mental
Entertainer. Houdini could lose to Dai Vernon. The Magic Castle could
lose to Denny & Lee's Magic Studio and the Milk Pitcher could lose to
Ambitious Card.

I can already smell the controversy and hard feelings.

So our first step is for you to submit your entries in each category so
we can populate the brackets. The voting competition will start on
Thursday afternoon and the results of the first wave of competition
will be posted on Friday so we can get ready for the next round.

We'll have a really neat button for you to click on soon but until
then, if you would like to submit your entries for inclusion on the big
64 lined bracket of magic go to Inside Magic at or
go to Inside Magic\'s Magic March Madness .

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