A reply to Timothy Hyde from a locked thread

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A reply to Timothy Hyde from a locked thread

Postby Guest » January 3rd, 2004, 2:32 pm

In a separate thread which the Chief Genii has now locked ("Heads Up! Jan issue is in the mail") Timothy Hyde made reference to a show of mine and attributed some comments to me.

In his first reference, Tim wrote "In his lecture in Sydney this year he expressed regreat that he had exposed magical techniques in the past."

In his later reference, Tim modified this to say, "In Sydney you brought up the subject of a certain TV appearance yourself, and said that you regreted your involvement and wouldn't do it again."

I thought it would be good to set the record straight, but I'm having to do it here because the original thread is locked.

What I actually said was that my involvement in one TV project had cost me at least one friendship within magic; that I felt this was too high a price to pay; and that for this reason I don't think I would ever take part in a similar kind of show again.

I did not accept, and do not accept, that my participation in the TV show to which I referred or any other constitutes 'exposure'. However, that's a separate discussion. But given that I liked, admired and respected this particular magic friend, I very much regretted that we had to fall out over this TV show.

Not that it matters, but just for anyone interested... in 2003 I had at least half a dozen opportunities to participate in TV shows with a remit similar to the ABC Prime Time show (including a follow-up invite from ABC themselves), and I declined them all. It was really tough to turn down ABC primarily because it would have given me another chance to meet all my friends in NY city. What the producers wanted me to do on these shows did not constitute exposure. However, based on previous experience, I felt that some of my friends in magic and mentalism might take a different view. I didn't want to take the risk of harming these friendships, so I turned the TV people down (thereby instantly raising the average quality of broadcast popular culture... shouldn't I get some sort of prize?!). TV shows come and go, but friends in the dark deceptive arts are far more important.

Best wishes to Mr Hyde, whom I know did not intend any sort of mis-representation of my views or comments.

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