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Dennis Kyriakos
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Postby Dennis Kyriakos » December 18th, 2002, 3:07 pm

Has anyone received their copy of Carney's new book? I know it's shipping this month...any news?

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Re: Secrets

Postby Terry » December 19th, 2002, 5:01 am

I posted on another thread that as of 11/24, John is expecting to receive them around Jan 1st. He stated he had the shipping containers addressed and would be getting them out asap.

The "collectors edition" would be 2 - 3 weeks later as they had to be specially prepared.

I for one am eagerly waiting for this book. 'Carneycopia' is an incredible read as well as guide.

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Tom Stone
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Re: Secrets

Postby Tom Stone » January 15th, 2003, 8:00 am

Any news regarding John Carney's new book?

I could email him and ask, but I imagine that he's swamped with emails as it is.

Jim Maloney_dup1
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Re: Secrets

Postby Jim Maloney_dup1 » January 15th, 2003, 9:33 am

I ordered it about a week ago. Here's the e-mail that I got:


Thanks for your order! The Book of Secrets was sent to the printer over a month ago, but there have been some last minute changes. The printer closed down just before Christmas and reopens on Jan. 6th, which pushed the schedule back even further. Being new to publishing, the experienced ones tell me that there are always delays. Believe me, no one is more eager for the book to arrive than myself!

There has been some confusion caused by the pre-publication offer. The magazine reviews were written using a cheap printout of the book. No bound copy of the book yet exists. I am told that I am at the front of the line at the printer, so the presses should roll very soon.

They have tentatively scheduled the books to be shipped to me in mid-January provided there are no further complications or delays. I have hundreds of orders to process all by myself, all at once. It might take as long as 2 weeks to get them all out.

I appreciate your interest in my work and will do my best to get the book to you in a timely manner. To expedite your order, I am setting things up so that the boxes will already be addressed and ready for packing when the books arrive.

Deluxe editions will take a bit longer, as the sewn books blocks then go to a different place for the bonded leather binding. This will be perhaps 2-4 weeks longer.

If you have ordered more than one item, I would appreciate your patience, as I would prefer to ship everything at once.

I hope you enjoy the book, it has taken a long time to complete with many rewrites and revisions in the process. I wanted to make it of genuine value to the reader and not be just another "product." It looks great and I am very pleased with the material. I hope you are as well.

All best wishes,



Re: Secrets

Postby Guest » January 15th, 2003, 9:47 am

According to John's website the new shipping date is Feb. 1st. I'm counting the days as I'm sure you all are too.
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