faulty dvd

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faulty dvd

Postby Doc Eason » August 16th, 2003, 9:49 am

Currently, I am embroiled in a nightmare ..I have produced a new dvd shot at the Tower this last spring... it is live ... with a very lively and photogenic audience... and it contains material never before seen ... the new stuff! This is material that I have been working on SINCE the L&L videos.

However, the first pressing of this new dvd, ...after all these years- has some serious flaws in the duplication project. This flaw manifests itself in the frames freezing and releasing - but renders the dvd unwatchable. The problem is that it plays fine on some machines and not at all on others. This is a huge mess... but the good news is that the dupe house is going to rerun the project and I can replace the disk...

NOTE: it is NOT a problem with regions -it is a problem with the dupe process.

all that needs to be done is- if you own a disk that doesnt play-or if you know someone who got one from me in Holland, email me and I will include your name on the re send list... I will send along a replacement disk in a week or two. Please save the box... I will send along just the disk. As far as the faulty disk, save it as a coaster...or a small frisbee.

I am so sorry that this has happened. I am doing everything I can to fix it.

I will do an advertising blitz when I have the replacement in hand and I know it is fixed. In the mean time if you are interested in more details... feel free to contact me.
Doc Eason

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