2 new books from Mike Caveney!

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2 new books from Mike Caveney!

Postby Guest » May 16th, 2005, 5:43 pm

I just left Mike's place and had my hands on the two most recent books about to hit the shelves. They look great! The first is the history of Marvin and Carol Roy. Titled, "Mr. Electric - Unplugged". The second is also of interest - "The Great Lyle". This is another book from the MagicWords collection and I think it's going to be a necessary addition to my library.

I think they are both coming out soon. Check them out!


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Re: 2 new books from Mike Caveney!

Postby caveman » May 16th, 2005, 5:58 pm

Here is a bit more info on these two new books.
What Jonathan saw were the advance copies. The full shipment will arrive by the end of this week.
All the details can be found on the mcmagicwords website but basically, The Great Lyle was written by Eddie Dawes and is up to his usual high standards. This is #13 in our series of Magical Pro-Files and includes 12 pages of full color. 300 pages with a beautiful dustjacket. $65 postpaid in the US.

Mr. Electric - Unplugged is Marvyn Roy's autobiography packed into 300 pages with over 150 photos and a striking dust jacket. Regular edition: $50 post paid in the US.
We have a very special deluxe edition that features leather binding, matching slipcase, autographed color picture and DVD. Deluxe edition: $160.


Re: 2 new books from Mike Caveney!

Postby Guest » May 26th, 2005, 11:20 am

Just read the Great Lyle book. Eddie Dawes and Mike did a fantastic job. A really beautiful book about a very interesting (not obvious) time in the history of magic. Lyle was really one of those very few performers who survived the "Golden Age" and made a living with his show well into the 20th century.

Fortunately, the subject is supported with lots of photos, posters and supplemental information. These are the sorts of history books that I find most interesting of all. Although Lyle wasn't one of the "Greatest," the various turns of his career make him "Great," and the book will be a big hit.

I may have been the first "outsider" to read Lyle. Haven't read Marvyn's book yet, but this is also a beauty. No doubt this will be a big, big seller as well.

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