Charles Gauci ripped off....... haha

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Charles Gauci ripped off....... haha

Postby Guest » September 12th, 2002, 9:49 am

since the other thread was closed I thought this would be interesting to add.

Dear Valued Customer,

If you happen to check in on any of the magic bulletin boards or discussion rooms, you've probably read about the controversy and uncertainties surrounding the trick entitled "Perfect Guess" . Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc. is committed to doing business with the utmost honesty, integrity and ethics, as I believe our track record over the past nearly five years of business shows. With this in mind, I'd like to just take a few moments to let you know what we've been able to determine concerning this issue.

In research done by Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc., we have discovered that the idea involved in BOTH "Eye to Eye" and "Perfect Guess" effects is actually predated by a commercial effect released by FISM award winning magician Jean-Pierre Vallarino and Perez entitled "Magic Bouddah" and copyrighted in November 2000. These two items use the same principle and same gimmick as "Magic Bouddah" with only one main change-the location of the gimmick. The idea by Jean-Pierre Vallarino and Perez predates "Eye to Eye" and "Perfect Guess" by well over a year.

Since verifying the facts, Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc. will be carrying "Magic Bouddah" and currently has an order en route. We will not be carrying "Perfect Guess" or "Eye to Eye."

I apologize for any inconvenience this situation may have caused and thank you for your patience as we did the necessary research to make an appropriate decision.


Mark Murphy
Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

So you were all defending a thief, LOL, and getting upset with others that tried to post their opinions. I think its funny that someone tried to bring this to light and many where offended I laugh at thought of some of you having to pull your foot way out of your mouth.

Feel free to post the pictures of it.

Yes I know my anonymity is suspect but hard evidence is not. So I want you all to know that I find this hysterical and I'm happy that all the ridiculous ppl that felt they had to attack others because their beliefs where the absolute truth have to live with the fact that they were WRONG.


Unbelievably amused,

Miguel Juan or what ever name you like

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Re: Charles Gauci ripped off....... haha

Postby opie » September 12th, 2002, 5:01 pm

I hope that nobody really believes that the last post was by Mark....This problem has been resolved by Mark; he no longer sells the effect that Charles developed....

There will always be idiots out there who are a day late on information....Duh! This guy is more than a week late....



Re: Charles Gauci ripped off....... haha

Postby Guest » September 12th, 2002, 6:49 pm

I never said I was Mark so your powers of deduction are off tonight.

You can call me an idiot all you like I just wanted it posted for others who followed this topic and did not know. I would have posted it on the other thread but it was closed. And how come no mention of this letter to others.

Oh and your insults dont offend me because you are one of those that was pulling his foot out of his mouth. (Can I see the Pics?) Also, you must feel real proud to post your ignorance and lack of respect because you amongst others where proven wrong.

And Finally if this was resolved more than a week ago how come no one said that on the 8th and 9th when the discussion was still heated??

Good job Dopie, I mean opie your great understanding and insight has enlightened me infinitely. With this cosmic convergence of intellect I feel like I am a better person and that I can spread this wisdom to those that are less fortunate and the rest of the so called idiots of the world (which by the way I am the leader of, since you decided to leave us behind).

BTW were you one of the Seven Dwarves or one of the Little Rascals Im still unsure. If you can further enlighten me with your broad and unfalturing knowledge I would feel like the luckiest anonymous poster ever. Either way I would appreciate an autograph, you can mail it to:

Miguel, Juan or whatever name you like
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oh the Zip+4 6789

I'll be checking the mail everyday waiting for it.

infinitly enlightened,

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Re: Charles Gauci ripped off....... haha

Postby opie » September 12th, 2002, 7:04 pm

Methane flatulations burn blue when lit....Good night....opie

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Re: Charles Gauci ripped off....... haha

Postby Richard Kaufman » September 12th, 2002, 7:58 pm

I've ended the previous thread because the matter was settled.
The effect by Vallarino involving the Buddha is NOT the same as Gauci's "Eye to Eye," which uses a NEW place to conceal the gimmick, and a NEW way to get the information supplied by the gimmick.
The method used by Vallarino in the Buddha trick is, except for a small detail, ANCIENT, over a hundred years old.
Now I'm closing this thread as well and I really don't want to hear anything more about the subject unless you want to discuss constructive things about "Eye to Eye", but you're also free to give your opinion about the trick.
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