Zenneth Kok 2007 UK Lecture Tour

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Zenneth Kok 2007 UK Lecture Tour

Postby Guest » June 17th, 2007, 12:18 pm


I'll be visiting UK next month to do a lecture tour, I must say it's an honour and I am very excited about it. The following is the pending timetable, a few more clubs will probably confirm their booking soon, so check out for updates, here we go:

2nd Leicester

4th Isle of Mann

5th Liverpool

8th Modern Mystic League - Blackburn

9th Scarborough

10th North East Lincs

11th Wolverhampton

15th Cornwall

17th AWS (Southampton)

18th Downtown Magic Club (Kent)

19th Surrey Society - Leatherhead

Contents of my lecture:

Essentially, my lecture will be divided into three parts:

1) I will be explaining some easy to do routines, some of them can be found in my 2006 Australian National Tour Lecture Notes, now being published as Cards You Softly, all of them are real world workers which meet the 3S criteria: Strong, Simple, Small (packs small, plays big)

2) A discussion on Pit Hartling's Inducing Challenges Theory: Why should we and how to induce challenge from spectators. I have obtained Pit's permission to include his essay on the subject in a booklet --The other Face of The Queen, my additional thoughts on this theory will be also be included, the booklet also comes with a gimmick card.

3) More unique sleight of hand creations and moves (a few moves are quite "useless" in my opinion, but magicians love to watch them for some reasons), most content of this part can be found in my booklet: 15 Maneuvers as well as the DVD - The Zenneth Code that is exclusively available in my lectures only.

For those who lives in U.K. I look forward to seeing you.


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