Theory into Practice book - reprinted/expanded

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Theory into Practice book - reprinted/expanded

Postby Brad Henderson » April 9th, 2004, 5:11 pm

Hi again. Just wanted to let everyone know that my Theory into Practice book has been reprinted in a limited print run, with an extra section. )If you already have the book, email me and I'll send you the extra chapter via email). The book received a nice compliment from Michael Close as an addenda to his review on the Dance. Cost is $30 p.pd. US. More information can be found at

Here is some information for those interested:

Brad Hendersons acclaimed lecture Theory into Practice has been put into book form. Almost a transcript, here is your chance to experience Brads thoughts as if he were with you. The book is a collection of essays on the theories of magical structure, the logic of deception, and performance considerations. Each essay is followed by performance examples that demonstrate these concepts.

Magic v. Illusion is an eye opening exploration on the differences between these two forms of deception and how an understanding of these cognitive paradigms can help you increase the impact of your magical creations. Engagement exposes the ultimate secret of all magic performances. Learn how to take any trick and turn it into a commercial piece of magic. The Haunted House Theory of Magic Context is a way of insuring that your performances have an internal unity that encourages your audience to take the trip into the world of wonder. Design Duplication Theory and Practice is an in depth analysis of the design duplication effect and offers a unique method of presentating the phenomena so all persons involved have an intensely magical moment.

Performance pieces include the most advanced work on the Piano Trick to date. Brads verbal structure takes this chestnut and turns it into a sure-fire mind blower. Sante Fe Sam is a trick you probably know, but with Brads presentation (a lesson in engagement), it will become a showstopper in your performances. 21 Jump Street is a very clever handling of the hoary 21-card trick that attempts to solve all of its parents weaknesses. The Magic 8 Ball was one of the plots Brad created during his work developing his Design Duplication handling. Every word of his hilarious script is provided. It is the perfect vehicle for customized comedic corporate scripting. Finally, Brad releases his guarded secret for identifying a bill for the Bill to Impossible Location plot. A borrowed bill has its serial number recorded BY THE SPECTATOR before being marked by another volunteer. The performer can now cause this bill to appear ANYWHERE. Behind a pane of glass, frozen in a block of ice, ANYWHERE.

New to the second printing is an essay which picks apart the notion that the "eye follows motion," and instead offeres another way to look at the dynamic processes of mis/direction.

Limited availability. 50 p. Perfect bound. $25 + $5 shipping US ($9 international)

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