Michael Close to lecture at LVMI

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Michael Close to lecture at LVMI

Postby Danny Archer » March 24th, 2004, 8:39 am

Hi All,

That's right, Michael Close who has not performed or lectured for the magic community since his Farewell Tour in 1999, will perform, lecture and do a workshop at the 2004 LVMI.

We are thrilled to have added Michael to our growing list of talent (Steve Draun, Kostya Kimlat, Paul Cummins, Chad Long, Aldo Columbini, Gazzo and our guest of Honor is Mr. Roger Klause), and we expect this year's convention to be another must attend event for lovers of close-up magic.

Below is info on the convention ... any questions e-mail me at lecturenet@aol.com or find us on the web at LVMI.net

PS For lovers of Mentalism, check out our mentalism convention MINDvention when you visit our web site.

2004 Convention Information

The 2003 Las Vegas Magic Invitational (LVMI) was acclaimed far and wide not only for the excellence of its lecturers and performers (David Roth, Shoot Ogawa, Joe Givan, Simon Lovell, Jamy Ian Swiss, Geoff Williams, Armando Lucero, Curtis Kam, Geoff Latta), but for the outstanding contributions from the many special guests and attendees. Every night after the schedule events had finished, there was a whos who of close-up magic hanging out and jammin at the bar .

Spotted at the convention were; Paul Wilson, Jeff McBride, Daryl, Lee Asher, Chris Korn, Penn & Teller, Homer Liawag, Chris Kenner, Michael Close, Mac King, Bob Fitch, Michael Forbes, Bill Goodwin, Paul Harris, Brad Henderson,, Daniel Cross, Peter Reveen, Penn & Teller, Gaetan Bloom, Bob Kohler, Dean Dill, Doug Malloy, Garrett Thomas, Tony Clark, Tim Trono, Dan Watkins, Jeff Hobson and many other magic celebrities.

Lecturing in 2004 are: Michael Close, Steve Draun, Kostya Kimlat, Paul Cummins, Chad Long, Aldo Columbini, Gazzo and our guest of Honor is Mr. Roger Klause

Dealers include:
Bob Kohler, Joe Porper, Thomas Wayne, Presto Magic Studio, Andy Greget Books, Showplace Magic, Denny & Lee, Mark Strivings, Dean Dill, Daryl, and Doug Malloy.

2004 LVMI dates are September 12th 14th, , September 15th will be a one day Magic University offering extra fee workshops from the lecturers and a few special guests (daryl and Dean Dill). All the events will be held at The San Remo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

Unfortunately, for many people, we reached our maximum and had to turn away a whole lot of disappointed people.

Don't read about LVMI in the magazines or on the boards and wish you were there


Registration fees are as follows:

LVMI Registration* Before July 1, 2004 $150 After July 1, 2004 $165

*Registration is limited. So Act now! *No refunds after 8/1/03.
Scheduled acts subject to change
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