“The OC” is Mad about Maven

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“The OC” is Mad about Maven

Postby Dustin Stinett » June 1st, 2005, 1:43 am

And I mean that in a good way. And its not just The OC, but for my family and me as well, as this was a Maven weekend for us. (For those of you who have no clue of what I write, Orange County, Californiamy lifelong county of residencebecame known as The OC sometime during the last several years; I think it must have been decided upon during one of my naps, because no one checked with me.)

Though Hollywood is a haul for us, its always a worthwhile drive when we know the payoff is going to be a good one. The payoff this last Saturday was a good one. It was closing night for Max Maven, Thinking in Person: An Evening of Knowing and Not Knowing at the Steve Allen Theater. It was my third viewing; my sons second and my wifes first. It was a truly grand night: Max was in top form and his performance garnered a spontaneous standing ovation. It was at that moment I decided to do something I had never done before: attend a Max Maven lecture. Having made that decision, it was certainly fortuitous that he was scheduled to lecture at local OC IBM Ring 313 in Irvine tonight (May 31).

As I said, though I had many opportunities to do so in the past, I have never attended a Max Maven lecture (for reasons I will not go into here; and which came as a surprise to one acquaintance who also happened to attend tonightI do hope hes still speaking with me after learning of this troubling gap in my education). I do not go to a lot of lectures, usually only attending those where I know I will learn something about my magic. One might wonder how attending a mentalists lecture could possibly help a magician learn something about his magic. Well, without divulging what I learnedafter all, what works for me is, well, minelets just say that we all deal in mysteries; at least were supposed to. Learning the whys of a mental piece can be more valuable to a magician than learning the latest new trick. The best part is, Max doesnt make you work too hard to extrapolate those whys that are applicable to regular magic: He knows to whom he is lecturing. In that regard, its also fair to say that there is something for everyone. All of the mysteries he shares are very powerful, and even someone who does just magic will come away with at least one effect (besides the more valuable insights). While not technically demanding, they do require the appropriate amount of attention and rehearsal. (Dont all good mysteries?)

Another nice aspect of a Maven lecture is the customized lecture notes (for venue and date). This particular set is titled Oh, See. (Get it? Its a clever word-play on my countys moniker.) An instant collectors item, not to mention a real bargain at ten bucks! There are six items fully explained, only a couple of which it would be difficultthough not impossibleto make up the necessary props.

Dont make the same mistake I did in the past: If you have the opportunity to attend a Max Maven lecture, go. Even if you think the reasons for staying away are sound, well, I wont say that they are wrong, but I will say that I disagree with them.


PS: You can keep abreast of Maxs itinerary at his site: http://www.maxmaven.com/ where you will also find some other cool things to read and interact with.

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