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Covert egotist

Postby george m » July 15th, 2002, 5:40 am

A day in the life of a covert egotist…with his finger hovering precariously over the self destruct button, he delivers a tirade of abuse to one and all who dare not toe the line.

Having just read some of the comments made by Jerry Sadowitz in his magazine `The Crimp` regarding my booklet `Cardville`. I feel compelled to respond to some of the musings that lie beneath the surface in this review and were quite obviously directed at Peter Duffie.

My main concern is the way in which JS uses the contents of my manuscript as a lead in to take cheap shots at a good friend of mine. If one reads between the lines its clear for all to see that this review is not just about me and my booklet, but about someone who wishes to perpetuate ill feeling towards a person who I have found to be extremely charming, very modest and a true gentleman.

It's very sad that JS feels the need to use his own magazine as a platform to deliver personal grievances. I'm sure most, if not all who subscribe to `The Crimp` have no interest in listening to his biased bickering and personal problems. It's all very puerile if you ask me.

Peter Duffie, Roy Walton and Gordon Bruce have had a profound influence on most magicians in Glasgow. I am only one of many who have benefited from their advice. I'm sure JS would agree, he himself wouldn't be the card man he is today without the help and guidance of these three gentlemen. With this in mind it's entirely possible for some of they're influence to creep into any creative thought patterns that we might have. Indeed, in many of JS`s own creations there lies some beautiful Waltonism`s. Maybe we're all clones.

The cloning effect that JS refers to is actually quite complimentary. To liken my material to Peter Duffie`s is quite an honour.

One thing I did find rather amusing was his analysis of one of Peter Duffie`s movies from his website, namely `The Hot and Cold Shuffle`. All this talent and he cannot tell the difference between a `False Shuffle` and a DECK SWITCH!

JS may be a talented cardician but his lack of common decency and respect for others is absolutely staggering.

George McBride

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