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The Illusionist

Postby MaxNY » March 6th, 2006, 1:02 pm

I just viewed some raw stuff for IFC when they were at Sundance. Paul Giamatti had a few things to say about the upcoming movie The Illusionist, directed by Neil Burger... This is a period thriller, Ed Norton plays "Eisenheim" a master magician from Vienna, in the 1900's, who becomes involved in political intrigue, and romantic intrigue. Eisenheim tries to win back an old love who is betrowed to this evil Prince. Paul Giamatti plays Chief Inspector Uhl, a secret policeman who tries to distroy Edwards reputation.Giamatti also talked about how difficult it is to seperate film magic, and magic, saying they are both the "same thing.. really.." More Info? Google it silly...


Re: The Illusionist

Postby Guest » May 10th, 2006, 12:36 pm

I saw this movie a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Its kind of a beautiful film. I dont think that the story itself is the most captivating thing in the world and Im not even sure people will enjoy it just if they like magic. However, if they like magic and the history of magic in the period the film is set I think theyll enjoy it as I did. Theres not an overwhelming amount of magic in the film but what is in it looks great. According to the press-packet Ricky Jay was the consultant on the film and it certainly has his touch to it. Paul Giamatti is great and Edward Norton is good too. Im curious how his character will be perceived by someone who doesnt have an interest in magic, as he is kind of aloof throughout the film. I dont know how wide a release this film is going to get or when its coming out, but I think most people here would probably find it an enjoyable way to spend a couple hours. (That is, unless youre the type of person who feels that any exposure, no matter how minimal, is profoundly dangerous to magic then youll probably want to stay away.)

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