Another Great Magic Venue In Brentwood,CA

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Another Great Magic Venue In Brentwood,CA

Postby Guest » May 13th, 2003, 3:13 pm

Another great venue for MAGIC! David Groves has done it again. Finding another place to keep magic alive outside of the Castle. Support Magic whenever you can.

Jeff Ezell

Here is the info...starts Wednesday Evening May 14th:


When you start a new magic cabaret, you need to start out with a big
splash. Well, our new cabaret is in lovely Brentwood, it starts on May 14,
and our big splash is Johnny Ace Palmer. Since the Castle is closed on
Wednesday for a corporate party, it's only logical that you should attend.

Everyone needs a magic guru, and as you all know, mine was Johnny Ace
Palmer. The Green Street Restaurant was our temple, and the seekers were a
bunch of aspiring ascetic magicians who hung out there every Thursday night
without fail. We would joke and laugh and visit, and every so often, a
scrap of wisdom would fall from Johnny's table and we would all scramble to
gobble it up.

It was at Green Street in Pasadena that I first saw Johnny perform the
bright, shining glory that is Torn & Restored Transpo, which is now a shiny
gold nugget in my own repertoire, thank you. It was at Green Street that
Johnny and I first brainstormed and came up with the first version of Card
in the Shoe ever to use a shuttle pass, an innovation later widely ripped
off (it's published in Johnny's lecture notes, if you're interested, and it
kills!). It was at Green Street that I first learned how to give the
illusion of being completely fair and up front with the spectators when, in
fact, you're deceiving the huaraches off them.

The process of becoming a master, of course, can begin with such
mentorship. The job of a mentee is to grow and encompass one's mentor, and
from such copying, find one's one individual vision. I studied Johnny
thoroughly. I watched his promo videotape 70 or 80 times. I started
practicing tricks backwards, as he had famously done in preparation for his
FISM competition. [to continue reading the anecdote about JOHNNY GURU,
scroll down. . . . ]

The magicians at our premier Brentwood Magic Cabaret include:

JOHNNY ACE PALMER's achievements in the world of magic are legendary. When
Johnny earned the title of world-champion magician in 1988, it was in a
competition that included magicians from 47 countries. In addition, Johnny
was voted Best Closeup Magician at the Magic Castle two years in a row
(after two years of winning, magicians become ineligible for further
competition in this category).

Johnny's television credits include:

o Dick Clark Presents
o World's Greatest Magicians at the Magic Castle (CBS)
o Life Styles with Regis Philbin
o Jerry Lewis' MDA Labor Day Telethon
o Mad About You television series

In 1994, the Library of Congress featured Johnny in an exhibit about magic.
He has also performed magic for Disney (the opening of California
Adventure), Warner Brothers (Harry Potter), and Caesars Palace, among other

GLENN AGA just moved to Los Angeles, but he's taken this town by storm.
He's won a Best Closeup Magician award at SCAM, and his silent silk act and
witty standup routine are so good that he's performed at Magic in the
'Burbs a couple times already and has a standing invitation to return
anytime, Glenn, anytime.

Glenn is an active member of our secret subculture, and in fact seems to be
drawn to secret subcultures: As an Air Force officer, Glenn was awarded
citations from the Director of Central Intelligence and several other
medals and citations. Glenn also distinguished his service as a White
House Military Social Aide during the Clinton Administration.

Today, Glenn is an executive at Oracle, but his heart lies with magic. He
is a co-producer of Brentwood Magic Cabaret, and will periodically trade
emcee duties with me.

Hosting this great new venue will be yours truly, DAVID GROVES, known for
my book, BE A STREET MAGICIAN: A HOW-TO GUIDE (Aha! Press, 1998, $30), but
also for my regular appearances at the Magic Castle and at Hollywood &
Highland Entertainment Complex (in front of the Kodak Theatre) in the
summer. Doing magic on the Westside is exciting for me personally, since I
spent many years living on the Westside before being exiled to Diamond Bar,
and thus have quite a few good friends within a few minutes' drive of

[JOHNNY GURU, continued. . . . ]

And that's why I hit the street, too, because I wanted to practice as much
as Johnny had - - six hours a day - - in preparation for FISM.

Just watching Johnny perform is a religious experience. That's why it's so
rewarding to see his show again and again, to bring friends to see him, to
show them what magic can really be, if you push everything to the absolute
exponential limit.

Wednesday, May 14
6:30 - 9 pm
Table-to-table magic 6:30 - 7:30 pm
Cabaret show 7:30 - 9 pm

El Dorado Cantina
11777 San Vicente Blvd., Brentwood, CA 90049

Reservations: To make sure you get a seat, you can make reservations by
phone or e-mail. However, reservations are not required.

Directions: It's in Brentwood on San Vicente Blvd near where it intersects
Montana Ave.

FROM THE 405 FREEWAY, exit Wilshire and head west, veer Right at first
light, which is San Vicente Blvd. You will curve around to the left, and
El Dorado Cantina is just past the Whole Foods Market on the right side,
just short of Montana Ave.

FROM THE WESTSIDE, take 26th Street north, R on San Vicente Blvd., continue
into Brentwood area, make a U-turn on Barrington. El Dorado Cantina is
just past the Whole Foods Market on the right side, just short of Montana

For more detailed directions, go to

Parking: $4.50 valet parking. Or, street parking is available, and some
streets are metered, but most not after 6 pm.

Admission: $10 + 2-drink minimum. Dinner is recommended. If you buy
dinner, admission is reduced to $5. For an online menu and prices, go to

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