Joe Turner Needs Another Pack of Cards

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Matthew Field
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Joe Turner Needs Another Pack of Cards

Postby Matthew Field » June 4th, 2003, 6:29 am

Congratulations to Joe M. Turner, my fellow Genii video reviewer, on the birth of his new son.

Start stocking on decks of cards, Joe. That kid will be picking lots of 'em.

(Reminds me of the Dai Vernon story: His kid, Neepy, wouldn't go to bed when Vernon had some cronies over, so his mother said, "You go to bed this instant or your father will make you pick another card!" Or so the story goes.)

Matt Field

Joe M. Turner
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Re: Joe Turner Needs Another Pack of Cards

Postby Joe M. Turner » June 8th, 2003, 1:18 pm


Thanks. As you might imagine, I am finding it harder than usual to stay awake while watching magic videos.

My wife Rosemary is doing pretty well, and my daughter Hayley is adjusting well to the arrival of baby brother Preston.

Thank you for your kind thoughts! Back to the videos... I'm running late on the column this month for some reason...


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