Seeking a Mentor (Philadelphia, PA)

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Seeking a Mentor (Philadelphia, PA)

Postby Guest » August 31st, 2005, 12:37 pm

Hi all,

Although I am not new to magic, I felt this was the best place to post this as I am still a beginner. I have been "in" to magic seriously for 2 years. I perform mostly for family and friends in informal situations but have been called upon several times to entertain the occasional family dinner party or the crowd at where a friend tends bar.

I am from California but am returning to Philadelphia for my third year in undergraduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania. I am seeking someone more experienced than me with professional performing experience to help guide me in my magical development.

I have previously played piano for 10 years under the tutelage of a fabulous teacher so, to an extent, I have attempted to apply the principles of training that I learned in that pursuit to that of my magical interest. However piano and magic are, obviously, very different things.

I wish to regularly meet with someone to discuss the art of magic , the performance of magic (misdirection, character, presentation, etc.), selection of effects, perfecting techniques, etc. I am not looking for lessons, per se (at least I don't think so... But I have never had a magic lesson so you never know...). I am looking more to formally and regularly meet with a magician more skilled than me to broaden my knowledge and receive constructive criticism and suggestions from this magician.

I would gladly agree to some sort of compensation structure for this. As I do not have a car, this magician would have to be in Philadelphia.

My email is if anyone wishes to privately contact me. Everyone, feel free to chime in on what you think about my desire for a mentor.

Have a great day,
Vincent Cho

PS - My goal is to develop a working knowledge of all fields of magic with a concentration and focus on general close-up magic (coins, cards, rope, IT, TT). To give an idea of my current abilities, I have listed, off the top of my head, the effects I can do well. Obviously, as you can see,I started out doing cards exclusively and only very recently have I expanded into other close-up effects. I am JUST starting coins and IT work now. "Well" means the techniques have been practiced, thought about and put to the test in a performance situation. "Well" however doesn't mean that the presentations have been fully fleshed out and perfected. Creating effective and entertaining presentations is something I need help in. The technique has never really been a problem as long as I put practice into it.

Ambitious Card
Whack Your Pack (harris)
Twisting the Aces (Vernon)
Henry Christ's Fabulous Four Ace Routine
Triumph (Hooser stand-up version)
Chameleon Sandwich (Conn)
Final Verdict (Bannon)
Shuffling Lesson (Long)
Mcdonald's Aces (Vernon? It's in his book but I forget if it's his or not)
Super Swindle (Harris)
Membrane (harris)
Immaculate Connection (Harris)
Voodoo Card (Hollingworth/Steranko)
Be Honest, What Is IT? (Fechter)
Maxi-Twist (Smith)
Tattoo You (Bannon)
Deep Astonishment (Harris)
Anything Deck (Harris)
Mind Power Deck (Kennedy)
Invisible Deck (Hull?)

Spare Change (Acer)

Silk Vanish/Reproduction
Salt Vanish/Reproduction

Misled (Wenk)
Reality Twister (Harris)

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Re: Seeking a Mentor (Philadelphia, PA)

Postby Randy » August 31st, 2005, 1:51 pm

It is very admirable that you are looking for ways to become a better magigian and performer. Best of luck with your move to Philly and I hope you find a nice fit with someone willing to give back to the art.

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Re: Seeking a Mentor (Philadelphia, PA)

Postby David Fletcher » September 6th, 2005, 3:36 am


Join/check out IBM Ring 6 in Philly. There may be a SAM chapter, too.
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Re: Seeking a Mentor (Philadelphia, PA)

Postby Nicholas Carifo » September 9th, 2005, 8:32 pm

You should check out the GPMN - The Greater Pittsburgh Magic Network:

It's mostly the Western Pennsylvania and tri-state area magic community as opposed to Philly and eastern PA, but they may have some contacts for you in parts east on the yahoo group and a great resouce for Pennsylvania magic events:


Re: Seeking a Mentor (Philadelphia, PA)

Postby Guest » September 26th, 2005, 4:48 am

You certainly won't be alone in that region, it's rich with some solid thinkers (and for that matter D.C. really isn't that far away, where even more magic buff's reside.)

Philly is the cusp region where all the east coast magic seems to begin. So just get yourself out there where folks can see you and you're bound to meet up with some working pros.

Best of luck!

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