disappearing my money trick

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disappearing my money trick

Postby Guest » February 20th, 2003, 12:02 pm

can anyone tell me where is a good place on this board to post complaints about bad customer service that i ancounter at one of the internet dealers. i am new to this so please tell me if this is a thing to do here? is anyone going to get in trouble? :mad:

Pete McCabe
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Re: disappearing my money trick

Postby Pete McCabe » February 20th, 2003, 6:25 pm

This is absolutely the place to discuss magic dealers, both good and bad. A few points might make your experience more pleasant and useful (both for yourself and others).

1) Wait until you're not mad before posting. Another 24 hours won't diminish the value of your information to others, and it may greatly enhance your ability to present it.

2) Try to start with the bare facts as objectively as you can state them, then your feelings about how you were treated separately.

3) Focus on the service you received, not on your feelings about the dealer. There's little point in writing nasty personal attacks against any dealer. It will only make people think that you are motivated by something other than the desire to help others evaluate a given dealer's service.

I think if you can do this, your posts will help others evaluate a dealer, which is a service that benefits everyone.

Oh, I almost forgot:

4) Be prepared for an insulting, possibly even vicious backlash directed at you personally if you criticize any dealer who is well-known in the magic community. Not everyone on the board follows my suggestions. :-)

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