Pen O'Plenty

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Pen O'Plenty

Postby Guest » December 17th, 2005, 2:19 pm

Mrs Parboil here with great news for all of those who supported my son Tom in his debut trick "The SAS Card". (Not that there were many of you, but I am prepared to let bygones be bygones).

We are now moving onwards and upwards and have created our own Magic Company called Parboil Magic. This will be the place to look for your magic in the years to come.

We were able to form this company (with headed letter paper and everything) after we took Tom's first trick to the local County Fair. We came away from that day with $300 !!!. Now admittedly we only sold one but we really took it as a sign from God when Uncle Mike found that wallet stuffed with fresh new tenners.

Tom's infamous burns are now healing nicely and it is with renewed enthusiasm that he has approached his latest offering to the magic world "The Pen O'Plenty". I know I am biaised , being his mum and everything but I really do think he has got something with this one.

As before ( because scabs aren't really that attractrive on a performer) Uncle Mike has lent us his services for the demo video and I think he is really starting to get the hang of this !! A word of warning that there is some bad language on this demo which was uncalled for as the odd camera tripod is bound to go missing occasionally. (I believe Tom is working on a proper illusion with the tripod like that nice Mr Loughran does.)

Anyway here's the demo, your thoughts will be much appreciated:

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Re: Pen O'Plenty

Postby Chris Aguilar » December 17th, 2005, 2:55 pm

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