state of cards

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state of cards

Postby Guest » February 20th, 2003, 8:28 am

To you card veterans, another question. In what state do you prefer your cards to be in? What I mean is when you use a card deck, do you like them broken in or you like them fresh out of the pack? What state is the best for the cards to be used? To me when I do a double lift I like the cards stiff because they aren't warped yet. But I don't like them too new and stiff because they slip easy. What is your preferred state of cards?

Brian Rasmussen
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Re: state of cards

Postby Brian Rasmussen » February 20th, 2003, 8:47 am

I remember on one of Martin Nash's videos that he demostrated how somebody could ruin a new deck in a few shuffles. I personally don't find that I need the cards to be in such undisturbed condition. Once I accidentally left a deck in the glove box of my car for the whole summer. When I discoverd them they were the most comfortable in my hand. I assume the heat inside the car each day softened them just right. I have never been able to achieve this feeling by just using a new deck for a while. I would be interested if anybody else has had this experience as well. But for me I like the cards to be fairly new. It makes my fans and other finer work easier. I have found that as my technique improves I do not mash the cards so bad that they are bent and warped during shuffles, etc.

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Re: state of cards

Postby Pepka » February 20th, 2003, 9:27 am

Hi Phillip,
The main difficult with cards that have warped a little will be doing any faro work. You may want to look into purchasing a card clip. If you constantly carry a deck you'll find what a huge help it is. Try the Joe Porper model from Denny and Lee. More expensive, but worth it.

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Re: state of cards

Postby Steve Bryant » February 20th, 2003, 9:37 am

Joe Stevens is selling a really nice metal card case to hold one deck, made in pewter to look like a queen of spades from a Bicycle deck. The queen has a spade pip at one end and a club pip at the other in case you want to get tricky. $40.


Re: state of cards

Postby Guest » February 20th, 2003, 9:45 am

i would like to say that as a beginer i found that bicycle cards are best suited for most techniques because of their softnes. all cards that are sold as casino quality are very rigid, they work well in riffle shuffle however. but thats about it. i think it has to do of course with your experience and finger strenght, i've play with cards only for a year seriously and i think that i will graduate eventually to tougher brand of cards like bees. but for practice is bikes for now.
now, cards must be broken into, i can't imagine doing anything with a deck straight out of the box. i also invested in a metal card holder or a clamp that keeps my deck straight when i don't use it. it makes a lot of difference. they are about $6 or $10 dollars each.
now, i seperate my decks into three categories, one just for riffle shuffle techniques, second for pretty much everything else and i keep them at home.
third i usually keep with me in my pocket and take it to work, practice when i have time. this last deck is usually in worst condition. my riffle shuffle deck is best or newest and it needs to be.
during practice i keep my hands very clean, but i don't like using soap of any kind, i usually just wash my hands very well in worm water. this preserves the natural oils and doesn't dry my hands or fingers to the point when i can't grab cards at all. i keep my soap for when i shower once a month whether i need it or not. :rolleyes:

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