Rope or Chain escapes

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Rope or Chain escapes

Postby Guest » June 25th, 2002, 1:26 am

Would anyone happen to know of any good books on rope or chain escapes?
I work mostly at festivals and have ended my shows with escapes for the past three
years. I can't find anything on the subject. I'm looking for material that is "pure"
escape, not illusion.Anything on chain or rope release method? please help-

Jeff Haas
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Re: Rope or Chain escapes

Postby Jeff Haas » June 25th, 2002, 1:26 pm

I remember that Lee Jacobs had some inexpensive books on escapes. Take a look at his web site...


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Pete Biro
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Re: Rope or Chain escapes

Postby Pete Biro » June 27th, 2002, 10:41 pm

Burling Hull's 33 Rope Ties and escapes is a book to study. Keller Rope Tie, Foxy Rope Tie (Karrell Fox) the Abbott Slick Tie... and a killer that is too simple we did for years.

Tie a regular handkerchief around your wrists and then loope a 20-foot rope through your arms. Spectator holds ends and you get loose.

You just slip end of your fingers under the rope via slack in handkerchief.

Lot of the old magic books for kids had this in it.
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