Owens Miracle Mirror

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Owens Miracle Mirror

Postby Guest » August 29th, 2002, 7:41 pm

I just received my Miracle Mirror and am curious about something. I read on another board that the inventor of the effect (Oswald Rae) originally performed it by openly sliding out the mirror from the frame, and then openly showing the hinges that make the frame fold. He then slid the mirror into the frame, and the frame into the bag, and then did the effect the standard way. His logic was that he didn't want the audience to be concerned about the frame in any way. He wanted them to concentrate only on the mirror.

I remember Henning received some criticism when he took the mirror out when he performed it years ago. What do you think? Does this tip the method? Seems a bit too bold to me. Any help or input will be appreciated.


Ron Reid


Re: Owens Miracle Mirror

Postby Guest » September 17th, 2002, 11:35 pm

I have performed this effect, off and on, over the years. I will not go into the patter, but I do it as follows:

* Show the mirror in frame
* tip mirror out of frame..show mirror solid
* casually show black frame both sides..hinges black too!
*put mirror back in frame and show it is an exact fit.
* put mirror and frame in bag, show bag is a snug fit over frame.
*Put needles thru mirror
* Talk about mirror becoming soft (as I smoothly and lightly warp it)
* Finale: Give it one quick and very sharp bend, apparently in half.
* remove it from bag and show it all solid

My patter talks about the mirror in the wooden frame, little emphasis on the frame however. It is just there and, as I do it, appears to be as compliant as the glass. Regarding your post, it is my view that, since the frame is not really hinged in the center, and frames are typically not hinged anyway, it would look weird to someone to bend the frame. A normal frame, unless there was an ulterior motive would have NO HINGE at best and, at the least, one in the center. So I do not call attention to the hinge.

And, when doing the final bend, I try to do it with a fluid motion as I wave the frame in the arms. As a result as I do a final and quick "crunch" with it bending in two, no one seems to notice it did not do a perfect bend in half.



Re: Owens Miracle Mirror

Postby Guest » October 1st, 2002, 8:50 pm

Thanks for the thoughtful post. It's a big help.

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