square circle suggestions

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square circle suggestions

Postby Guest » December 22nd, 2004, 12:50 pm

Hey there,
does anyone have any suggestions or some routines that use the sqaure circle effect. Rather than just showing everything empty and making things appear, I would like to have it "make sense"


Re: square circle suggestions

Postby Guest » December 22nd, 2004, 8:50 pm

Here are my thoughts from a similar forum, posted only a few days ago. The request was for a Temple Screen, which is not-so-dissimilar a production device. I ended up tossing out ideas for both units, which could be used for two SC, two TS, or one of each. All of the ideas are NOT original with me, some of them having been adapted freely from Henning Nelms's Magic and Showmanship.


How about producing a 10 foot pole, with or without a flag on it? Or one of those giant wands, or giant pencils? How about a Fantasio Appearing Cane?

What about repainting the TS or SC in one of those new aluminum, silver, or gold spray paints, adding some high tech-looking details (self-adhesive blinking L.E.D.s?), and calling it a teleportation chamber? Or a Jetson's [tm] type "Foodarackacyle"?

This idea is mine: Go to a discount store like Marshalls or TJ Maxx and find a plastic wine bottle filled with blueberry syrup or such. Drain the syrup and enjoy. Then clean the inside of the bottle, keeping the label intact so it looks like a wine bottle from a short distance. Carefully cut the bottom out of the bottle, and recap or recork the top. Insert the bottle into the TS upside down, and load the bottle with fake fruit and/or cheese, a decorative silverware cheeseknife, and a wineglass. If you want to go all out, glue a rubber bladder (small water balloon?) into the mouth of the bottle, fill with liquid, and cork. At performance, you can show the screen empty, and produce fruit, cheese, a knife with which to cut them, a wineglass, and a bottle of wine which you can uncork and pour into the glass!

From another source: Instead of a teleportation chamber, how about an expansion chamber? You toss in a few beads, or tiny doll-house food items, claiming that they are shrunken food items for transporting, and expand them to the full size items in the chamber.

Set up a High Tech-looking Square Circle on the other side of the room. Toss in items to transport from the transmitter (SC) to the receiver (TS). You could have some of them not go at first, or even be burned in transport due to "bad adjustment of the transmitter." The burned items, say silks, could either not arrive in the receiver and be found burned in the transmitter, or they could make the journey but be burned in the process; either way would be funny, and allow you to "adjust the knobs on the transmitter."


Hope these are useful, or inspire some ideas of your own.



Re: square circle suggestions

Postby Guest » December 22nd, 2004, 9:34 pm

What a great collection of ideas! (I just hope a fly or something doesn't get in with the object I'm teleporting...!)

I may be off base, but here's a different spin on the question if you're looking for a rationale to use in assembling the Square/Circle parts. And at least it's a Chinese yarn based in fact...

"You may have heard how opposites attract. The idea dates back to the Han Dynasty in China. They believed that the universe was ruled by two opposing forces. The masculine force is called 'yang.' It represents activity, light, and heat. By itself, it's not too impressive."

Here you'd show one of the pieces to be empty.

"The opposite force is feminine and called 'yin.' It represents passiveness, darkness, and cold. (This is probably why I married a brunette who won't leave the thermostat alone.) Again, it isn't much to look at."

Show the other piece to be empty.

"The interesting thing about the universe is that nothing at all would exist if yin and yang had never gotten together. (They probably met over the internet.) But when activity and passiveness combine, when light and dark coalesce, and when heat meets cold then...only then...do you have life and beauty and magic."

Just an idea. By the way, for decorating purposes, yin and yang aren't black and white. Yin was originally black all right but yang was originally red. I'm sure there are other "combination" plots that would make sense as well and give you a purpose for putting the square with the circle.



Re: square circle suggestions

Postby Guest » December 23rd, 2004, 4:37 pm


Thanks for the positive feedback! I appreciate it!


Jon A. Hand

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