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Magic Drawing Board

Postby Guest » October 23rd, 2001, 5:49 am

I just bought Axtells Magic Drawing Board and now I am looking for some presentation ideas. I want to show it in an adult-show with many comedy elements. What are the best ways to solve problems like delay in audience actions (I like to play a tape simulating the voice of the face) and which kind of tricks are possible, expect forcing a card and revealing it by the face? Thanks for your hints in advance.


Re: Magic Drawing Board

Postby Guest » November 30th, 2001, 4:48 am

Consider the board like a ventriolquist "dummy". No, you don't need to be a ventriloquist to use it. Since adults know this is not real, anything serious would probably be a mistake, however, a comedy routine would be a great.

This is a wide field and the bits of business required of this trick are individual in nature and need to be developed. Looking toward Ventriloquist routines for adults may spark some great ideas.

Richard Wayne Music for Magicians boast they will make individual tapes for magicians. There is the other voice you require.

Hope this information helps.


Re: Magic Drawing Board

Postby Guest » December 19th, 2001, 7:58 pm

I have the same item. I also had no interest in being a vent. And I just do not feel comfortable going along with a long produced tape. Here is what I have done, for adult shows only....and it plays well.

I found that, with the layout of the board (mouth and eyes) you can draw a pretty darn good cartoon of Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney or Elvis. There are others too I am sure.

I say I am having a contest. The first person who can identify who I am drawing wins the prize...and I really have some simple prize by the way. As I draw, I usually use Jagger, I let them see it and so far every time I have done it someone has is the lips.

After he is done, I say, well since Mick joined us tonight, would you like to hear him sing. I have a tape of about 30 secs of play with fire, followed by satisfaction segue. As the music starts, his eyes move the first time, he looks about, then his lips sync the music and his eyes look about during the pauses.

This plays really well and they love it plus someone gets a prize. To finish it off, I have the tape made--I used to work in radio and had a studio--so the song becomes slower and slower and as it slows down I erase the face. As I wipe it out, it just garbles away.

I have yet to do it with Elvis, but that should be a natural. Dick Gaultier has some good books on this type of drawing, and some of the figures adapt well to the board.


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