The Great Thread Challenge

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The Great Thread Challenge

Postby Guest » July 12th, 2004, 1:29 pm

I have been getting into thread work bit by bit over the past couple years, but have found it much harder than other categories of magic. The main problems, of course, are breakage and detection.

I own a few volumes on thread work, including the Le Clair book and video, the Steve Fearson video, and the Michael Ammar videos, but still can't do what I want to do, I must confess.

One of the reasons, I suspect, is that I'm over 40, and can't see the thread as easily as magicians with better eyesight. Also, there are lots of little details with thread that aren't always explained in the literature.

I work with loops all the time. Seems like loops are the idiot's invisible thread. You can do a couple things with it, but not much, it seems. I move a fork with my mind (Yigal Mesika method) and make a chosen card jump out of the deck (the Steve Valentine method). I'd like to do more, though.

Lately, I've been working at my Friday-night restaurant gig (Stick 'n' Stein in El Segundo, Calif.) every week to get it right, making little changes, trying to figure it out.

Hey, wait a minute. Just this spring, I landed a new Saturday-night restaurant gig in a dark restaurant. Truth be told, a dark restaurant is a gift from The Great Beyond. I should look into the new Kevlar ITRs, shouldn't I?

Any suggestions or helpful words of discouragement?


Re: The Great Thread Challenge

Postby Guest » July 13th, 2004, 6:23 am

If you have Le Clair's book and video surely you have enough effects to do. I am not an expert but are you sure you need an ITR? There is a great debate over which is the best: IT, ITR or Loops and I think the educated conclusion is that: whatever it takes to make a miracle.

For a restaurant environment I would think that the Losander's hookup (in June's Genii) would be wonderful. Also all of the three Losander's tricks thought in that great issue would work like a wonder in a restaurant environment.

Jacky Kahan
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Re: The Great Thread Challenge

Postby Jacky Kahan » July 13th, 2004, 10:04 am


You talked about Steve Valentine Method..

What is the difference with Mesika's version?
Where can we find this ?



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Pete Biro
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Re: The Great Thread Challenge

Postby Pete Biro » July 13th, 2004, 10:11 am

Send Finn Jon a plane ticket and spend a few days with him... you won't need ANYTHING ELSE.

Seriously, I find a "trailing thread" the best. Every time I work with an ITR or a LOOP it just plain gets caught or breaks.

Try 71 year old eyes! The key is NOT super invisible, but learning about camoflauge (SP?) and DIRECTION of light.

I have just worked out a super Haunted Pack with just a simple trailing thread. Might not be good for restaurants as the deck goes to the floor.

You know what would be a great attention getter? Hummer's Whirling Card. :cool:
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