Need help ... please read

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Mike Porstmann
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Need help ... please read

Postby Mike Porstmann » August 16th, 2003, 10:22 am

I am looking for any information regarding this special glass penetration illusion (originator, maker, date). Please look at

picture 1
picture 2

Glass is marked with the initials of four spectators, window is hidden under a wooden cover, and four metall daggers with coloured ribbons on their ends are pushed through the cover - and the glass!

Spectators are misleadden thinking that there are four small sheets of glass that can be pushed aside and they are completely surprised when there is one big sheet of glass with their four initials pulled out of the window frame at the end.

I got this from my dear friend Herby von Heldt, who brought it to Germany from the States in the fifties (?).

Any information to

is welcome.

Thanks for your help.


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