Rabbit Production

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Rabbit Production

Postby Guest » February 2nd, 2002, 12:29 am

For years I have been ending my kid's show with a balloon rabbit that comes alive. I use a mirror box.

Recently, the local science museum started a side show exhibit in which they explained how the trick works. They didn't do, they just explained it!!!

Now all the kids know the trick and I need a new production. Here is the catch. I need to use a balloon animal and I use a black rabbit which will appear suddenly so I can't use black art

What to do!

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Sean Piper
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Re: Rabbit Production

Postby Sean Piper » February 2nd, 2002, 1:47 am

After giving this topic much thought, I've decided that the most straightforward solution is as follows.

You'll need the following items:
- Jacket with Topit
- A FISM Flash
- A Universal Raven
- A stooge in the audience

Right... begin by palming six silver dollars in your right hand. Start out by doing some card manipulations (cause kids love that stuff). Make sure you show them your 'invisible' classic pass, just to check whether they catch you or not.

Next, have your stooge in the audience pretend to choke on an M&M. While everyone turns around to make sure they're OK, load the rabbit into you Topit.

When the drama at the back of the room has subsided, use the FISM flash to misdirect while you squeeze the rabbit's foot... HARD!!! I should point out that I prefer the Tenkai Pinch for this move, however this is a purely personal choice. This will cause the rabbit to jump into your awaiting hand.

Now produce the palmed silver dollars one at a time, and pretend to feed them to your rabbit, while actually disposing of them via the Raven.

This allows you to end on the delightful pun "... because we all know it costs a lot of money to feed a rabbit!"

(If this isn't to your liking you could always fork out for a black art Circus Wagon Box)

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David Nethery
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Re: Rabbit Production

Postby David Nethery » March 17th, 2002, 7:52 pm


Try U.F. Grant's "Victory Rabbit Production". It's in Grant's "Victory Carton Illusions" and also published in Tarbell
(I forget which volume of Tarbell).

You start with a simple cardboard box under your arm, folded flat. (size of the box will vary depending on the size of the rabbit. My box is 14 inches by 14 inches to accomodate a smallish - to - medium size rabbit)

You unfold the box and show the inside completely empty. Put the box down on a table (can be an undraped, thin table) and produce the bunny. Simple and clean. The fact that the box is folded up flat at the beginning is a real convincer , plus the very commonplace appearance of the cardboard box takes the "heat" off the box.

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