No Feet Some Feat

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No Feet Some Feat

Postby Guest » July 19th, 2003, 5:17 am

I would like some info on the No Feet Some Feat
illusion, I understand it was originated by Joe
Karson. I am looking to build it my self if I can find plans or the necessary info. Thanks in advance


Re: No Feet Some Feat

Postby Guest » July 19th, 2003, 6:36 am

Unless I'm mistaken, I thought No Feet was attributed to Andre Kole? I know Bill Smith makes a great version.


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Richard Kaufman
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Re: No Feet Some Feat

Postby Richard Kaufman » July 19th, 2003, 8:38 pm

There is an illusion where the performer steps inside a barrel (or it's lowered over him) and then two assistants raise the barrel and the performer's feet are not visible under it. I saw Copperfield working on this once, and he said it was Andre Kole's.
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Robert Allen
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Re: No Feet Some Feat

Postby Robert Allen » July 20th, 2003, 7:47 am

I saw this performed at the PCAM convention in about 1973, almost certainly by Andre Kole. I used to have pictures for they were lost in a move :( . The effect was a square box was around him about waist high, and behind him slowly rotated about a 10' diameter wheel with the signs of the zodiac on it (hey, this was the 1970's). It was an effective illusion as I recall.

Of course the effect that completely slayed me at that convention was a performer dressed as an Arabian pasha doing the "levitating baloon". He inflated a black balloon, clipped the knotted end between his fingers and turned to the audience (of magicians) for applause. Right about that time his scantily clad assistant comes on stage from the opposite side as the performer, bearing an old time sign saying "The Amazing Balloon to Cannonball". After some comedy byplay, the performer removed the knotted "end" from the "balloon" and dropped it to the stage where it hit with a cannonball-sounding thud.

Frank Tougas
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Re: No Feet Some Feat

Postby Frank Tougas » July 20th, 2003, 7:13 pm

This was also performed on a television special by Doug Henning "Doug Henning on Broadway". Can't remember the exact date but he was getting ready to launch the rather unsuccessful musical "Merlin" at the time. This was intended to be a return to Broadway. The special was great and I remember thinking the trick should be easy to build.
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Michael Dustman
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Re: No Feet Some Feat

Postby Michael Dustman » July 20th, 2003, 9:02 pm

Lance Burton added this to his show back in 2001 (I believe). Ironically, there is one for sell currently on the Magic Auction page under Illusions.

Somebody posted that it was Kirby Van Burch's. Apparently he has been selling off quite a number of his illusions.


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Re: No Feet Some Feat

Postby Kendrix » July 21st, 2003, 7:18 am

If I am not mistaken David Copperfield did it on one of his specials on a sandy beach with just a blanket in front of him. Cool trick.

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Mike Rose
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Re: No Feet Some Feat

Postby Mike Rose » July 21st, 2003, 8:10 am

Andr Kole is indeed the inventor of the modern No Feet Illusion. When I was researching my Joe Karson book I came across a trick Karson had contributed to "The Conjurors Magazine" in 1949. Here is the excerpt from the bibliography of my book, "Joe Karson - Beyond Zombie."

No Feet - Some Feat. "The Conjurors Magazine" Volume 5 #7 (September 1949): 22. This was a concept contributed by Karson for a stage illusion that, although interesting on paper, really isnt all that practical. In effect, a cloth is held in front of the legs of the magician, when lifted both feet are seen to be missing. This article later appeared reprinted in "The Conjurors Book of Stage Illusions," edited by Micky Hades, page 69. Again, it appeared, with minor editing, in "The Encyclopedia of Stage Illusions," by Burling Hull (edited by Ormond McGill), page 215-216. In all of the instances, Ed Mishells original artwork from "The Conjurors Magazine" was used. Famed illusionist, Andr Kole, sites this as the inspiration for his modern No Feet illusion. Koles version has a radically different look and method from the original Karson idea. Kole took Karsons basic premise and evolved it into a practical and considerably more deceptive illusion. Doug Henning was also known to successfully feature the Kole version in his shows.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions, Id be glad to try to help.

Mike Rose


Re: No Feet Some Feat

Postby Guest » July 24th, 2003, 4:39 pm

Thanks to all for your responses, I have contacted Bill Smith at Magicventures and I stand corrected on Mr. Kole being the originator.
Great to hear from all of you and thanks again for your kindness.

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