Strait Jackets

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Strait Jackets

Postby Guest » July 29th, 2003, 3:10 pm

I am thinking about adding a strait jacket escape to my show. If any out there knows the field, I have a few questions:

1. What book(s) can you recommend that cover this topic?

2. Assuming the performer is relatively strong and in good shape, is there any need for a gimmicked jacket?

3. What is a good source for jackets? I found a firm called "Cannon's" on the web, and they have a variety of jackets for sale. They look much better than the standard magic shop item that looks sort of like a large sweatshirt. Has anyone ever dealt with Cannon's? Anyone know them?

Thank you, in advance, for your advice.



Re: Strait Jackets

Postby Guest » July 29th, 2003, 4:54 pm

The jacket can be a very strong piece depending on how it is presented. I used to do the aerial escape for promotions but have nt done it for many years now BUT am more than happy to help if I can. Feel free to contact me privately if you wish and we can discuss your specific needs and where you need the help.
PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
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Re: Strait Jackets

Postby Guest » July 31st, 2003, 2:51 pm

Hey Fredo,

Contact Joe or Mark Stevens of Stevens Magic Emporium (, as they have gimicked jackets for sale (by Viking).

John Novak (who was my mentor) got me started in escapes more years ago than I care to remember. He wrote a series of books on escapes, one of which was on the strait jacket. Joe may still have those in stock. You might email him and ask.

I did the strait jacket both suspended upside down (now that I'm in my 50's, that really doesn't appeal any more) as well as standing on the "stage."

Good luck, and if I can be of any help, drop me a line.


Bob Phillips

Good luck


Re: Strait Jackets

Postby Guest » August 1st, 2003, 2:59 pm

Cannon Escapes, is run by two very fine/knowledgable people, Mark & Sheila Cannon. Very honest/responsible operation.
My experience is that gimmicked strait jackets aren't really needed, maybe that was just the purist in me...more important, is the look, and perceived strength of the jacket...too many jackets look too oversized, on some of the escape artists, who wish/imagine themselves, as having buffed-up Houdini-like bodies.
Micky Hades, still sells the Novak escape series.

Robert Allen
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Re: Strait Jackets

Postby Robert Allen » August 1st, 2003, 6:13 pm

Speaking of buffed up bodies :) . I wonder if there's a market for a short, fat, pasty-white guy doing escapes. I can perspire on demand :) .

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Re: Strait Jackets

Postby Bizzaro » August 2nd, 2003, 2:29 pm

The best site to get a myriad of jackets is.. (Finds the link)

Great place.. dunno how updated they keep it but it's a-very nice.

Bob Taxin
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Re: Strait Jackets

Postby Bob Taxin » August 2nd, 2003, 5:19 pm

In re: whether or not to use a gimmicked jacket:
For years I used an ungimmicked Posey jacket with friction buckles, until the show where my volunteer tied me in in an unconventional way such that I couldn't get out! I've used a gimmicked jacket ever since. Lay audiences can't tell the difference, and you can concentrate on your performance instead of your technique.
Bob Taxin

Mr. Stickley
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Re: Strait Jackets

Postby Mr. Stickley » August 2nd, 2003, 5:35 pm

As a frequent user of the strait jacket, and owner of many different models, the best I have ever used is the humane restraint "magicians jacket". Trust me, the looks, the way the gimick is now disguised (thanks to myself and my good friend recomending changes to ours that the company appears to be now making to all of the jackets), are hard to beat. Spend the dough, get Novaks books, spend a few weeks tossing around plots, and you have yourself a winner.

Mr. Stickley


Re: Strait Jackets

Postby Guest » August 5th, 2003, 3:47 pm

Paul, Bob, Diego, Robert, Bizarro, Bob T., and Mr. S. (I hope I didn't leave anyone out)-- thanks so much for your advice. I have put in a book order and looked at some sites. I hope to find the right jacket and start to work soon.

Thanks again,


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