William Arenholz Snake Basket

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William Arenholz Snake Basket

Postby Guest » September 10th, 2007, 11:20 pm

This fall I'll be making a reproduction of a William Arenholz programable snake basket for my own use and pleasure - not for sale. I have received several images of the workings and think I have everything figured out. I should be able to work out the rest of it after I have the unit constructed. I do plan on making a few refinements to the apparatus to improve reliability and working.

So far I have gathered up everything I need to get started: the correct type of motor, "body" for inside the snake skin, extremely gaudy snake skin fabric with sequins, jewels for the snake's eyes, two types of bases to select from, a rectangular rising bar to prevent twisting, the basket, and brass for several parts.

Before I begin the actual construction, I'd like to gather any additional info on these units as I can. Do any of you have the documentation that came with one of these baskets? Anyone have quality routines used in the past to give me hints on programming sequences, etc. Any references that I might check?

I'd appreciate any info that you might be willing to share. Thanks.

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