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Advice for Presentation

Postby Guest » April 2nd, 2006, 8:31 pm

Hey everyone. I'd like some advice for a final trick for my English presentation.

A bit of background on the project:
I'm in 10th grade and we just finished reading Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" and are expected to do a creative presentation on it. So, naturally, I chose to work magic into it somehow.

Here's what I have so far:

Discuss the view of Rome in the play. Compare it to a rose in it's beauty and such. Pull out a piece of tissue paper and continue in a poetic way while making an origami rose.

Part 1:
Perform the "Floating Rose" effect while discussing how Rome "rose above the rest." Introduce lighter while discussing the burning ambition of the Romans. Light the rose changing it into a real rose (for those that don't know the trick) and state that that ambition brought Rome to life.

Part 2:
Hold out the rose and begin talking about hatred within the grand city. Begin to list the conspiritors while plucking a few petals off. Eg. Casca *Pluck a petal* Cinna *Pluck* etc. End with the mention of Brutus ( for those not familiar with the assasination, Brutus was important ;) .) Perform Luke Jermay's "Divided by Hate" and cause the rose to wither and die.

Part 3:
Need to know what I could do from here on out. I'd like to somehow restore the rose while talking about Octavius coming to power. Or maybe cause the remainder of the rose to catch on fire. . .maybe even a reverse Step 1. Anyway :help:


Oh and sorry if it's a bit hard to follow.


Re: Advice for Presentation

Postby Guest » April 5th, 2006, 4:00 am

Ethan. Why not speak /act the Marc Anthony eulogy.
Beginning with, 'If you have tears prepare to shed them now'. On this having stolen a small sponge soaked in water, you could squeeze the sponge against the top of the rose stalk and the 'tears' will flow down it, like the old weeping pencil. Then if you have a piece of cloth,about 2 or 3 foot square on ' You all do know this mantle', with blood stains on one side, you could pull it thru your hand on'
Look in this place ran Cassius' dagger through. See what a rent the envious Brutus made' reversing it to reveal the blood stains. Perhaps too much trouble to make it a 'double cloth' so as you shake it ,it turns it inside out so the bloodied side is shown. like the Spots Off Silk.
Finally, on ' What kind souls you weep when you behold our Caesar's vesture wounded? Here is himself, marred as you see by traitors.' On the last word you could produce a small toga clad doll with blood from the cloth. Ideally it would be a large cloth and one of yourr friends, concealed behind a table or slipiing in through a gap in the curtains, appears as the bloodied Caesar.Well you did say you wanted to do illusions! I have played both Caesar and Brutus in my teens and 20's, years ago.
Allen Tipton UK


Re: Advice for Presentation

Postby Guest » April 5th, 2006, 5:08 pm

Thanks! There's some really good stuff in there.

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