performing stories

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performing stories

Postby walkinoats » August 8th, 2002, 6:19 am

I'm sure we all have had an experience while performing when things didn't go as planned, and we wound up embarrassing ourselves. But what about the times when we messed up, but by some miracle we still were able to amaze the audience.

Anyone want to share their experience?

I'll give you an example.

Many years ago when I was a bus boy, during a very busy crowed night, the waiter told me to perform for this young married couple. I had asked the young lady if I could borrow her ring. She said that she was only wearing one ring and that was her wedding ring and "I am not borrowing that". So I kept asking her and finally she let me borrow it. I borrowed the ring and was getting ready to perform "ring flight". I let go of the ring. After I let go of the ring, it separated from the clip, and I had seen by the corner of my eye that the ring was now rolling across the floor. My jaw dropped. I just stood there. Then the waiter came to the table and asked how everything was. Then he put his hand in his shirt pocket and pulled out the ring and said to the young lady "is this yours"? The couple was speechless. I was still embarrassed at this point because I thought the lady saw the ring get launched across the floor. As it turns out she didn't. When the waiter and I spoke afterwards, he said that he walked into the dinning room and saw a ring rolling across the floor in his direction, he picked up the ring and put it in his pocket. The couple was complete dumbfounded. And wound up giving the waiter a really big tip. I couldn't believe that the restaurant being as busy at it was with multiple waiters and customers moving all around, that the waiter was at the right place at the right time and was able pick it up without anyone being any wiser.

This happened 8 years ago and to this day is one of the waiter's favorite stories to tell.

I now perform Bloom's flying ring :)

Bill Duncan
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Re: performing stories

Postby Bill Duncan » August 8th, 2002, 10:54 pm

My nephew recently told me about one such event. He's not a magician but he remembered a gag that I pulled on hime some years ago and when someone else was doing some (really bad) card tricks he decided he used the gag.
He had a card selected by saying "Most magicians won't let you handle the cards" and passed the pack to someone. The card was chosen, shown around, shuffled into the pack etc. and with each instruction the line "Most magicians won't let you ..." was echoed to point up the impossiblity of the effect.

The payoff comes when you have cut the pack and display the incorrect card saying "Most magicians find your card." Except when he asked what the card was and turned over the cut to card (of the spectator shuffled pack) it was the RIGHT CARD!

His mother tells me he handled it quite well... hiding his amazement and acting as if it happened that way all the time.

[does anyone recall where this gag appears in print?]

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