Need Help Finding effect/booklet

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Need Help Finding effect/booklet

Postby Dennis » January 20th, 2004, 7:57 am

Hi all,
Many years ago I was in Yogi's Magic Mart in Baltimore MD.; I had just finished paying and was leaving to catch a train to NY - when I spotted this little booklet on the counter.

It was a routine that seemed to use two dice , a coin, and a tube - the basic effect appeared to be the dice were covered with the tube then the coin was placed on top - when the tube was lifted the coin was between the dice. It seemed to be a complete routine not just a one shot trick.

Has anyone seen ,or have, or remember anything like this? I saw this sometime in (I'm guessing)1979.

I hope it rings a bell for someone - 'cause I have no idea!

Thanks Alot,

Randy DiMarco
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Re: Need Help Finding effect/booklet

Postby Randy DiMarco » January 20th, 2004, 6:06 pm

This was an effect by John Murray. I know that he taught it to some people but I did not know that there was a manuscript. I would be interested in finding out the name of the manuscript. The actual effect was that you would show 2 dice, stack them and cover them with a tube. You would then cause a coin to vanish. When the tube was lifted the coin was seen between the dice.

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