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Postby magicapplestore » January 19th, 2022, 2:43 pm

Hey there and Happy New Year.
Here are a FEW of the books that we have on consignment. I don't want to post the ENTIRE list here, but if you are interested in seeing it, please send me an email:
All prices PLUS shipping!

A Pocketful of Miracles by Hugh Miller$20.00
21st Century Card Magic - Jim Swain$25.00
5 times 5 - Kaufman$20.00
793.8 by Jeff Stone$30.00
ACAAB - Boris Wild Hardbound$25.00
Act Two Barrie Richardson$100.00
Adventures of 51 Magicians and a Fakir$30.00
Al Schneider on ZOmbie$35.00
Alternative Handling by Horace Bennett Spiral$25.00
AN Invitation to Mystery by Tony Griffith$10.00
Andrus Deals you In SOFTBOUND$50.00
Annemann's Practical Magic Red Hardbound$30.00
Anverdi 50 Years of Magical Creations$150.00
Arch Triumphs by Raucerbaumer$20.00
Art of Close Up Magic - Vol 1 - Ganson$30.00
Art of Close Up Magic - Vol 2 - Ganson$30.00
Art of Close Up Magic by Ganson$25.00
Art of Deception by Romano$125.00
Art of Eddie Joseph Edited by Hugh Miller$150.00
Art of Illusion by Will Ayling$40.00
At the Table by Racherbaumer$20.00
Automata John Nevil Maskelyne (blue hardcover) Numbered$75.00
Award Winning Magic John Cornelius$30.00
Beating a Dead Horse $40.00
Best of Close Up Magic by Walk Less- Hardbound$10.00
Best of Friends Harry Lorayne$60.00
Best of Slydini and More 2 BOOKS by Fulves SIGNED$200.00
Black & White Trick by Cervon$25.00
Blackstone Book of Magic$20.00
Brainstorm in My Pajamas Dayton, Ronald J.$15.00
Brass Knuckles Doug Edwards$30.00
Brunel White$20.00
Building Blocks - Luke Jermay$50.00

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