Jumbo Rising Card (New Generation) by Marcelo Contento

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Jumbo Rising Card (New Generation) by Marcelo Contento

Postby MarcillaAitor » September 21st, 2021, 8:37 pm

Effect: Operated with radio control, one by one all selected cards will go up, down or stop slowly at your command. The small transmitter can be hidden in your pocket and it is not necessary to hold the button down: only one touch will initiate each transmission and every card will stop automatically after the process is completed. The signal is coded which eliminates interference and makes the transmissions reliable. In case of difficulty, the Emergency Switch will allow you to operate manually.

The Jumbo Deck inside the crystal-clear acrylic box and supported by the delicate wooden stand will enhance your act if you are professional or will add a classy touch displayed at home if you are an amateur or serious collector. The detailed instructions include two outstanding routines by Billy McComb, one of them printed for the first time.
complete with specail case to trasnport.

850$ pluss shipping
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