Becoming FizzWizzPop - a book on children's entertainment

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Becoming FizzWizzPop - a book on children's entertainment

Postby Tom Stone » January 1st, 2020, 12:57 am

Nikola Arkane is a close up performer who recently won two IBM competitions and recently performed for a week in the close up room at The Magic Castle.
But she is best known in her native Northern Ireland as FizzWizzPop - a children's magician.

She have now written a book, Becoming FizzWizzPop - a semi-autobiographical book of ideas, stories and practical methods on how to entertain and captivate children. It also deal with the practical side, how to start up a business, branding, insurance and things like that. A highly enjoyable read.

The book can be obtained at her website Nikola Arkane Shop - which also have an informative blog with bonus routines.

Nikola can also be heard talking about her book on Vanishing Inc's podcast: The Insider | Nikola Arkane

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