Greg Koren and John Gaspard - New Books for Young and Old

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Greg Koren and John Gaspard - New Books for Young and Old

Postby Scott Wells » August 27th, 2019, 6:31 pm

Magic books and tricks come out so very often, but there are precious few books written that feature magicians doing real sleight-of-hand and not fairy tale, Harry Potter-type magic. Such is the case with two suggestions for mystery novels released this month. Both authors join me this week on The Magic Word Podcast to talk about their recent projects.

The first is "The Memory Trap" by Greg Koren who directs the book toward young readers, middle school in particular. In this self-published book, the main character is a young magician who practices his double lifts under the table during class and uses his knowledge of Tamariz' "Mnemonica" stack to help solve the mysterious disappearance of the principal's stolen vehicle.

John Gaspard next tells us about the latest offering in the mystery novel series featuring fictitious Minneapolis magician, Eli Marks, in the book (again entitled after the name of a magic trick), "The Zombie Ball". While this has nothing to do with the Zombie Ball as we know it, there is a mystery which drags in Eli Marks to help solve the crime through his use of deductive reasoning and magic skills.

As a bonus this week, John Gaspard gave us permission to broadcast his short story, "The Last Customer", written by John and read by Jim Cunningham (voice of the Minnesota Wild and Game Host at the Minnesota Twins). This 20 minute audio of the short story is a real treat that you cannot get anywhere else. And it's all for free! Of course you could always donate to The Magic Word to help us defray our production costs. Please consider being a Friend of The Magic Word.

And finally, we are running a contest for five free downloads of Greg's eBook, "The Memory Trap" and three free downloads of John's "The Zombie Ball". Visit the website at ... nd-gaspard to enter the contest and get additional content on this week's podcast. But be sure to enter before noon (Central Time) on Wednesday August 28th when we will randomly draw the names of the lucky winners.
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