Dom Chamber Beer Magic on AGT

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Tim Ellis
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Dom Chamber Beer Magic on AGT

Postby Tim Ellis » June 9th, 2019, 10:34 pm

One of Australian magic's favourite sons has just blitzed America's Got Talent with his fresh and cheeky take on the classic dove production act.


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Re: Dom Chamber Beer Magic on AGT

Postby Chris10 » June 10th, 2019, 12:28 pm

Wow, a really excellent act! His grandfather would be proud, and, likely amazed.

Joe Lyons
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Re: Dom Chamber Beer Magic on AGT

Postby Joe Lyons » June 10th, 2019, 9:44 pm

Great act, and finally - what a person would really do if they had magical powers.

Sean Piper
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Re: Dom Chamber Beer Magic on AGT

Postby Sean Piper » October 29th, 2019, 1:47 am

So this happened on Spain's Got Talent!

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Richard Kaufman
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Re: Dom Chamber Beer Magic on AGT

Postby Richard Kaufman » October 29th, 2019, 3:27 pm

Yikes! The Spanish guy copied EVERYTHING except the showmanship he doesn't have.
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Richard Hatch
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Re: Dom Chamber Beer Magic on AGT

Postby Richard Hatch » October 29th, 2019, 4:32 pm

Here's the official clip of his audition on Spain's Got Talent's Youtube feed, which was just posted yesterday. He got 4 "Si"s from the judges, so got passed to the next level of the competition, but some are pointing out the plagiarism in the commentary, which I assume the producers will see... I just posted a link in the comments to Dom Chamber's on AGT there:

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Paco Nagata
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Re: Dom Chamber Beer Magic on AGT

Postby Paco Nagata » October 30th, 2019, 8:29 pm

There have been some reactions here in Spain:
The producers seem to have been taken measures about it, since the Youtube vid has been blocked. When I try to open it (here in Spain), in the screen appear a tex that says:
"el usuario que ha subido este video lo ha bloqueado en tu pais" ("The user that have uploaded this video have blocked it in your country"). So it can't be watched anymore at least in Spain.
Anyway, I consider it should be just removed.
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