Favorite moments

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Favorite moments

Postby Guest » August 4th, 2001, 10:16 am

Weve covered favorite tricks now lets try somthing a little more difficult. Whats your favorite "moment" in magic?
mine has to be when I'm doing a cups and balls routine. I do a similar beginning to Micheal Amar and the reaction when that third ball appears on top of the cup is ,for me, what magic's all about. Its a risky move but when you pull it off it gives me a great sense of satisfaction and specs usually roll around laughing at their own disbelief
any thoughts?

Gerald Deutsch
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Re: Favorite moments

Postby Gerald Deutsch » August 17th, 2001, 9:49 am

My best moment came years ago when I was doing card magic for a group of people when one of the spectators grabbed the deck out of my hands, pulled out one card, looked at it and dropped it on the table and then said, "Ok big shot - what card is it?"

Well, I saw the face of the card as he was dropping it on the table.

"I've never done mental magic before," I told him and the others, "but I'll try something I once read." I had him put one hand on the face down card and I held his other hand and then very slowly (and it's hard for me to do anythng slowly) I told him the color, the suit and then the card.

As soon as he turned over the card I left.

There was nothing else I could do after that.


Re: Favorite moments

Postby Guest » August 17th, 2001, 1:46 pm

I have quite a few moments but one of the most recent sticks out in my mind...

I was doing magic for my mom's friend's kids and my mom's friend's neighbor's kids in California when my family was out there. (Got that?) and I was doing some card tricks. I started doing an Ambitious routine with a signed card. I was holding it up for everyone to see after one of the "Coming to the top." Then, one of 'em called out, "Put it on the bottom and make it come to the top!" So I thought on my feet. I took the card and did a top change, put the changed for card on the table and dribbled the rest of the cards onto it. Snapped my fingers and turned over the top card, TA-DA! He looked at the bottom of the deck, gave me a baffled look and walked away.

It's kind of like that Ham Sandwich Theory, that was so much fun.

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Matthew Field
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Re: Favorite moments

Postby Matthew Field » August 17th, 2001, 2:20 pm

OK -- you hooked me with this topic.

I was at a dinner party in the Berkshires with a bunch of lawyers and local politicos and I started to do one of my favorite tricks -- Larry Jennings' "Impossible."

The wise-acre lawyer (one of the top lawyers in the U.S. with whom I went to high school) stopped me and said, oh no, not with your deck. The host, an architect, brought out an old, frazzled bridge sized deck.

Naturally, I did the trick and floored the crowd. It was soooo sweet.

Matt Field


Re: Favorite moments

Postby Guest » August 17th, 2001, 2:34 pm

I had met these really cute girls and as an icebreaker I did some magic, I did a little mind reading with cards. Well they seemed really into it. So I got a silk and I did grippos knots.I had them look deeply into my eyes as they massaged the knots away. I'd tell you the rest of the story but yea know :)


Re: Favorite moments

Postby Guest » August 17th, 2001, 2:40 pm

My favorite moment? Halifax, 1993.

Performed "Mental Bonus"(*) for my four brothers (all who have PhDs in Physics, Mathematics or Engineering). I went from being the brother with the odd hobby to a "magician." ;)

(*) a variant on Larry Jennings's Bonus Trick in which I claim to have known in advance which card would be selected. As proof, I remove the three mates of a (fair!)selection from my pocket.

Brian Marks
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Re: Favorite moments

Postby Brian Marks » August 17th, 2001, 6:06 pm

I was performing in a magic shop for a bunch of laymen at the weekly free magic show. I did a trick with a Nielson collapsing bottle (I knw the shop didnt carry it) making it disappear into a paper bag. It floored the audience and they all ran to the counter to buy the trick.

Adam Brooks
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Re: Favorite moments

Postby Adam Brooks » August 18th, 2001, 7:43 am

I was visiting a juggler friend in Oregon who is a computer programmer; one of the most analytic minds I have ever seen. He would take any trick that I did, and work it backwards until he had figured out the procedure. Bugged the hell out of me...

But, there was one thing I could always catch him on. I carried around an Eisenhower dollar to practice palming in my weak hand. I would so some sleight-y vanish, and he would laugh, and say "Very clever" in that knowing sort of way, and in that brief moment, I'd ditch the coin somewhere; in my pocket, under my knee, and keeping my hand is its 'coin-holding' position, placed the 'coin' cleanly into my other hand, squeezed, and it was gone. I must have done this a dozen or so times over the course of a week, and was never caught.

Most of the time, it really is the simple stuff...



Re: Favorite moments

Postby Guest » August 18th, 2001, 9:50 pm

Well, a very sweet moment that sticks out in my mind is that of a month ago, in the upstairs of a bar (dont ask my why i was there).

My dad and a few of his friends were having a good night out in this place, and i had no idea i was going to be there and therefore was completely unprepared for a "show".

His friends then asked me to show them some tricks as they had heard SO much about me, so i borrowed a few coins, and (being mainly a coin- worker) showed them some neat coin tricks including a very nice "Coins to cup", even if i do say so myself.

Anyway i went through the night doing many impromptu tricks with everything and anything until one guy (who was never impressed) decided to show me up on my impromptu sponge ball routine (toilet roll scrunched up :) ), the guy told everyone how i done it since he used to do it himself.

I tried denieing it, since he was partly wrong, so he insisted i do the trick to him.

I knew i would'nt be able to fool him usingthe toilet roll balls, so i saw a nice leathr watch he was wearing, almost begging me to seal it, so i place a ball in each hand, instructing him they were both going to join in one hand, and i got his watch, funnily enough, while he laughed as my trick didn't apparantly work.

I then admited he knew right, and i was no match for him, and continued with more tricks until he told me of this guy once getting him to pick a card, then told him what it was straight away, so i decided it was time for the classic force to play its' part.
He gave me his deck of cards, and i had him pick a card, and to his amazement, i guessed it straight off, like he talked about.
I then had him place it back, and forced the same card on him another 6 times!!!!(a bit lucky, eh?)
After this, i took his card and asked him to admire my "New" watch :)

The perfect night for me i think :D

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Bill Duncan
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Re: Favorite moments

Postby Bill Duncan » August 19th, 2001, 2:11 am

Originally posted by newton:
Whats your favorite "moment" in magic?

It would be a toss up between the (very) born again Christian woman in my Art History class who insisted with some panic in her voice that I explain "how I did that" when I performed Eugene Burger's "VooDoo" for her and some other class mates or the time Martin Nash said quietly "You do that well."

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Dan LeFay
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Re: Favorite moments

Postby Dan LeFay » August 23rd, 2001, 3:39 pm

Before I got fulltime I was a Fyiotherapist.
One day I noticed a patient of mine wore one dark blue and one black sock. He was an elderly gentleman ,always very interested in my "sub"carreer as a magician. Something new to show me? he asked.
When we were doing the therapeutic thing I chatted about this new wonderwand I had developed. "It can change every color it touches, for instance your towel!"
He replied that his wife would not appreciate that, and I realized he believed me.
Just try to visualise what happened at the end of the session with his sock...Seeing a 79 year old grown up turn into a screaming infant is a real magical experience!
I became instant legend that day, 6 months later I decided to go full time and he was the first of my patients who wished me good luck and gave me his full blessings for my carreer-change!

Yves Tourigny
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Re: Favorite moments

Postby Yves Tourigny » August 27th, 2001, 9:55 am

I was doing magic at a funds raising black tuxedo affairs with three of my fellow magi. We were table hopping after the main dishes. I approach a table and start doing my spiel. One of the guys got a card out his pocket and ask me what was the name of the card he was holding. Without as much of a second or two, I said the Queen of Hearts. All of the jaws fell on the table as this was the card. I just said good evening to everyone and I went to another table. I am sure that to this day this guy remember this moment ....as I do :D


Re: Favorite moments

Postby Guest » August 27th, 2001, 6:18 pm

I'm torn bewtween two moments that were memorable for me.
The first was prior to me being interested in magic. While at a bar, my friend introduced me to a girl he had met. Although the woman was married she was out with her friends having a good time. Anyway, he introduced me to her and I said "Your married... to a doctor." Her jaw dropped a little, my friend smiled. I said "A pediatrician." Her jaw drops completely. My friend's jaw drops. Then I said "He works at Children's Hospital of Orange County." She screams and my friend stood there with his mouth wide open. I took a bunch of hunches and worked'em.
The other time was recently when, at a local hangout, I was asked to do some magic b people that see me all the time. They always are asking so I'm always trying to come up with something new. Well, this time I took four pieces of popcorn and proceeded to do Chink a Chink. It killed them and gave me the confidence I needed.


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