For Sale: Pizza Paddle by Rob Thompson

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For Sale: Pizza Paddle by Rob Thompson

Postby magicking » March 10th, 2019, 6:24 pm

One of the biggest challenges for kids magicians is finding powerful CLOSE-UP effects for children. Rob Thompson's Pizza Paddle is one of the best solutions we've ever seen. With nothing more than the simple paddle move (learned within minutes on the instructional video) you'll be able to interact with kids up close -- in a way you can't achieve in a platform show. Best of all, the trick is themed around a subject every kid loves: PIZZA!

Did you ever see a giant Pizza Paddle used in Italian restaurants to pull large pizzas from hot, brick ovens? Imagine a miniature version. Now imagine that you show both sides of the 4 ½” paddle, give it a shake, and make a tiny and oh-so-cute pizza appear. You can “remove” the pizza and “eat” it, or you can make it vanish and reappear. Best of all, creator Rob Thompson has devised a way for you to visually take it right off the paddle and hand the spectator a silver dollar-sized pizza. Click on the video to see live performance video.

Our research finds that in the early 1990s, Giovanni Livera created his own version of a Paddle Trick with a miniature pizza for his competition act. Though he never published or released it, AmazeKids tips our hat to Gio's originality. Rob Thompson's independently created Pizza Paddle and the dollar-sized pizzas that come with it, are "Made in America" to AmazeKids’ exact specs. The Paddle handles like a dream and you can do lots of Coin Moves with the tiny pizzas.

Click on the pizza in the cartoon picture above to check out the trailer and see some of Danny Orleans’ ideas. You’ll also see live close up performances by Rob Thompson, who specializes in close-up family entertainment, in the restaurant where he works every week.

You get:

The solid wood 4 ½” long Pizza Paddle
2 Pizza Coins
Video Instructions which include, Studio Performance, Explanation and Live Performance footage.

This is a practical Paddle Trick from a working pro -- for the working pro -- all designed around one of the most popular foods in the world. Kids love pizza. Their parents love pizza. So you know they’re going to love the routine you create with the Pizza Paddle.

My Price 21.50 with FREE Shipping in the USA ONLY...PayPal ONLY

You can email me at

Mike King - 208 South Oak Street - Dixon, Missouri 65459
ph: 573-693-2870 or 573-201-9818 Please leave message
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