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Bob Farmer
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Postby Bob Farmer » March 6th, 2019, 2:48 pm

A new edition of HEADHUNTER is now available.

The new HEADHUNTER comes with newly-designed cards that are striking, memorable and printed by USPC (and you get two sets). If you can Elmsley Count the trick is easy and over 70 photos make learning it almost automatic.

Email bammomagic@cogeco.ca for information and I'll send you the info and a free trick (no purchase necessary), OIL AND GAFFS, that one recipient has described as follows:

"The packet effect 'Oil and Gaffs' Mr. Farmer includes in his ad for Headhunters is a killer."--Leonard Hevia, Genii Forum

It is available only from me and not from dealers. $25 postage included for the U.S. and Canada, $27 elsewhere.


B.B. "... Fantastic ... Excellent! Beautifully put together! ... Five stars!"

M.K. "One of the best effects that I have come across in … years ... in a class with Mike Skinner's 'Ultimate 3 Card Monte'”

J.B. "... a very strong and visual routine ... you get Bob's bizarre patter scheme, extensive details on each facet of the handling ... (and) ... the cards ... a fine routine ..."

P.D. "... thoroughly enjoyed the routine ... (will) ... use it."

D.M. "... It works great! Keep up the excellent work."

K.C. "... Excellent ... great plot ... brilliant ... off-beat..."

J.G. "... a bewildering and stunning effect."

F.M. "... (A) ... high caliber miracle ... that will have them rubbing their eyes in pure disbelief ... strong impact and immediate resetability ... with a finish that will leave them spellbound ... (you're) ... ready for the climax 30 seconds into the effect and ... ready to repeat the miracle 30 seconds after the shocking finish ... Highly recommended."

S.M. "... a delightful surprise ... Excellent. The visual effect is strong and ... your presentation is perceptive and cunning ..."

J.P. "... (Bruce Cervon) ... had never seen Bob's classic wild card routine ... Headhunter ... It's great! ... if someone with Cervon's savvy about what's commercial ... tells you it's great, it is."

J.R. "... beautifully done, rich in texture and technical detail ... Your presentation and handling takes the blowoff of Wild-Card and puts it into the Monte Game. Whatta way to go! ... Bravo!

L.W. "... a routine so carefully and thoroughly choreographed it will amaze lay people and magicians alike ..."

P.W. "... Another magnificently complete ... manuscript ... with lots of visual magic ... the handling and presentation are elegant ... highly recommended!"

Bob Farmer

Bob Farmer
Posts: 2708
Joined: January 17th, 2008, 12:00 pm
Location: Short card above selection.


Postby Bob Farmer » March 15th, 2019, 1:06 pm

Some unsolicited reviews from real purchasers, not family members:

"... the cards look great! -- awesome instructions with it. (got mine yesterday [smile]) and the "free trick" Bob mentioned above is pretty darn cool as well!"

"Mine arrived today--the cards are beautiful! The routine is fantastic and the cards make it even more effective."

And there was this query with an answer:

Query from L. "So all we have to do is ask for info about "Headhunter" and we get the free effect?"

Answer from A.V. "Yep, that's all you have to do. Send Bob an email and he'll send along info about Headhunter and the free trick. What a guy!"

Yep, it's all true. Email Bammomagic@cogeco.ca

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