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Postby Arnaud » August 4th, 2018, 2:55 pm

Cannot resist to draw your attention to my 4-way out envelope called 'Switch-a-lope'.


It has been bringing me lots of fun the past years and I got some very positive feedback on it. Both from the 'big guys' below as those that bought it!

Arnaud's SWITCH-A-LOPE is super clean and a definite winner!"
- Cody Fisher

"Bravo Arnaud! Our mutual friend Tommy Wonder would have been so proud on you!"
- Dick Koornwinder

"It is fantastically hard to make something truly impossible happen with a straight-forward handling that has no tricky-looking stuff going on. Arnaud did it with SWITCH-A-LOPE!"
- Richard Osterlind

"Great switching device! You fooled me!!!"
- Joshua Jay

"SWITCH-A-LOPE is verrrryy cooool!"
- Stefan Olschewski

"SWITCH-A-LOPE is a great idea and really well thought out. It is a wonderful addition to the mentalist armory!"
- John Archer

"Honestly speaking SWITCH-A-LOPE is fantastic and extremely useful!"
- Luca Volpe

"SWITCH-A-LOPE is clever and practical; a useful addition to the arsenal of tools for mentalism."
- Max Maven

"Very clever!"
- Banachek


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