Stacking Culling Triumph Shuffle

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Stacking Culling Triumph Shuffle

Postby Glenn Bish Bishop » July 13th, 2018, 12:02 am

Here is video of me doing my first idea using the triumph shuffle to stack a hand. I used to use the method of riffle shuffle stacking that was in the book Jack Merlin and a pack of cards. However getting that last ace could sometimes be a problem. As each ace is stacked, the aces go deeper and deeper into the deck. And there is a good chance of losing one or two aces as you are staking them. Ana ending up with only two or three of a kind in the end.

Using the triumph shuffle because it is a false shuffle solved that problem for me, anyway. I showed this to my Dad back in the 70's when I came up with it. He said do not show it to anyone. My dad liked to use the triumph shuffle as his go to false shuffle. He liked the idea of being able to stack the 4 aces with it as an extra thing that could be done for a gambling demo. The other reason he liked it, it was easy and it used a shuffle he already knew.

Please forgive the sloppy card work. Since my stroke in 2014, and over 30 years of nerve pain from being a type 2 diabetic. Card work has been a little rough for me over the years.

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