FISM 2018 - Day Two

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FISM 2018 - Day Two

Postby CraigMitchell » July 10th, 2018, 12:09 pm

FISM 2018 Day Two

8:30 am ... and the committed FISM fans are here in their droves for the start of the Stage Magic contest.

*Roch Illusionist – Stage Illusion – Mexico
Please push the red buzzer now ... a magician dancer accosting his female partner with monotonous narrator informing us that “his objective is letting her feel his magic in the most subtle way” After eight excruciating minutes of nothingness – the lady finally levitates or more accurately precariously balances whilst firmly attached to the magician.

*Ro Sok Hyon – General Magic – North Korea
Silk to dove, more doves, and yet another dove, a slow methodical dove vanish, color changing doves, color changing candle, dove from mouth, dove to smoke and a very visual color changing doves in cage.

*Vanni de Luca - Mentalism – Italy
Solved a magic square plus Rubik’s cube all whilst reciting a randomly selected sonnet. The routine would be much stronger if spectators were on stage so as to allow the audience to see their reactions.

*Tomonori Kurokawa - General magic - Japan
A jack in the box type figure sitting atop a giant die. Dots vanish, appear and shrink to a baby die. Baby die to cards, color changing baby die, color changing cards to a cardboard die.

( side note – where is Frank and the sounds of ‘magic all over the world’ ... FISM just isn’t the same without Frank’s musical interludes between acts. Quebec take note – FISM needs Frank! )

*Bimslechner - General Magic – Austria
A beer maiden with an amateur looking stage set, silk with thread dangling precariously, the perennial favourite of spoon from bosom, find the beer monte ending with a number square.

*Mister Ekis - Mentalism - Argentina
A sad caricature of a bad FISM act. A terrible accent, bowtied magician, incomprehensible magic featuring the magician’s late grandmother’s belongings ... and like his grandmother we too wished we were dearly departed.

( side note – why do the FISM timing lights now resemble rotating police sirens? It looks like Policeman Plod is going after Noddy having this light go round and round. )

*Ruben Vilagrand – General Magic - Spain
Appearing necktie – growing necktie – necktie through jacket sleeve. A Pavel style walking knot in the guise of a power cable ending with a bizarre swallowing of fishing hooks. I clearly missed the plot here?

*Masayo - General Magic – Japan
Kimono robe with silks on rope, silks to rope, a vanishing knot, rope through torso and appearing ‘totem poles’ ( cue correct cultural reference ) complete with quick change.

*Yann Yuro - Mentalism – Germany
You have to be a brave performer to do mentalism at FISM. And even braver to have your act rely on the vagaries of cellphone coverage. The stage opens to reveal a giant network cable dangling from the roof, an office table plus computer & printer. The magician prints off his prediction and leaves it dangling from the cable. A spectator calls a loved one and has them go to their PC at home and choose a product at random from Amazon (really!) A plastic sea horse is chosen. The prediction incredibly matches! Not only did the effect have magicians scratching their heads but Yann is remarkably entertaining. A rare feat in mentalism ;-)

--> to be continued ... sleep is calling.

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Re: FISM 2018 - Day Two

Postby CraigMitchell » July 10th, 2018, 9:55 pm

Tues stage contest continued

*yu komohara - general magic
Silk to drink to ball - billiard ball manipulation - billiard ball manipulation and color changing balls.

*ji hye jun - general magic
Back to the future as we return to the well worn dove act.Dlite to dove, tuxedo and tails, bird in tails, candle to rose, vanishing candles ( why do they still manufacture those ?) Candle to dove and obligatory dove cage.

*Shezan - general magic
Aladdin meets Indiana Jones with appearing lanterns, more lanterns, dangling lanterns, fans and more fans, and in the ultimate plot twist the lanterns turn red.

*Tonny Poker - general - Mexico
Welcome to clash of cultures - animal skin Inca costume wearing magician with plastic appearing canes and IKEA table. In a painful twist, we turn the lights off and do the Flip move, climb about on the floor,torn and restored animal skin, unconvincing spirit hand and a horrible attempt at a floating pillar complete with ivy rod. Losander is dying inside.

*David hung - manipulation - Hong Kong
Cards to bow tie, rising card on thread (note to contestants - there is a 95% chance that your thread is going to be visible .... you are only fooling yourself ) Appearing multi color cards, color changing fans and appearing bow tie.

*Duo Luko - general
Two performers seated behind a school desk. Torn and restored homework, reappearing paper balls, multiplying apples, juggling demos ending with a bizarre cirque du soleil hand stand. Interesting concept that unfortunately gets repetitive.

*nao murata - general - japan
Appearing chair from jacket, disintegrating photo album, appearing laundry and the unfortunate use of Ray Crowe’s floating jacket.

And so closes the first round of stage contests. Big kudos to Gay Ljungberg and his superb tech team ... the contests have run unbelievably smoothly and when you consider the number of acts and the extremely limited rehearsal time, this is a feat all in itself!

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Re: FISM 2018 - Day Two

Postby observer » July 11th, 2018, 1:52 am

… and the Endurance is caught fast in the merciless sea ice - will her hull be crushed? Or will she survive and rebound? Perhaps Day Three will tell ...

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Re: FISM 2018 - Day Two

Postby CraigMitchell » July 11th, 2018, 5:48 am


Unlike past FISMs - there are no monitors in the convention hall broadcasting what is happening in the theatres ... and there is no overflow room for the close-up contest. Right off the bat two thirds of attendees are excluded as the closeup venue only seats 600. A major problem that shouldn’t have occurred in the first place.

On to the close-up ...

*Luca Mercatelli - Parlour - Italy
A mini framed stage in UV with the ‘magic hands’ doing the magic. Appearing ball, little boxes and a general feeling that I may as well be watching a movie rather than live entertainment.

*Ed Ripley - Micro - USA
Wearing a diners waiter outfit - we have cups and balls with Starbucks cups & cherries ... exposed chop cup, cups dropped on the floor and the mounting sensation that there is blood in the water. The velvet table and money printer is the final straw. Pls push the button.

*Choi One - Parlour - Invention
A confusing act with shoes vanishing and reappearing ( a reoccurring theme at FISM 2018 ) color changing neckties and guess a pocket color.

*Jonio - Japan - Micro
The talk of the closeup contest. File this one under the strange and wacky. “My beard is weird” the magician exclaims. After having his facial hair examined all manner of objects are produced from his tufts of glory - coins, poker chips, sharpies, jumbo coins and even a shot glass. Only at FISM

*Joad - Micro - Taiwan
Who would have believed that dice stacking could be entertaining - vanishes, appearances, color changes and more.


Welcome to the United Nations of magic politics. Three hours of mind numbing bureaucracy, irregular voting procedures, ballots that don’t add up and in a truly surprising result - Canada gets the bid for FISM 2021.

With FISM having been out of Europe - it was widely thought that Spain had the votes all wrapped up. Clearly not. The Spanish presentation was sorely lacking compared to the high professional finish of the Quebec team. And in a possible first, Canada may become the first FISM country to actually follow their bid book unlike the general modus operandi where all sorts of convention promises are made - and few are ever kept ( Blackpool nightmare anyone )

This will be the first time that FISM reaches North America and lets hope that the US magicians come out in force to support. It should be something special and reaffirms that FISM is a truly international event.

( in other surprises, Melbourne has announced their candidacy for FISM 2024 - expect strong opposition from the Europeans who will be more determined than ever to have FISM return “home” ;-)


Our hosts for the evening are Lu Chen and the very strange Dr Leon whose limited English makes him - and his antics - very difficult to understand.

As a result I missed a number of the acts names.

Recreating Shimadas FISM act with the surprise appearance of Shimada himself at the end.

High energy act with canes, fans , silks, more fans and jumbo fans

Ten Pei
Devil stick and Diabolo juggler with some very impressive moves but when you drop twice (and not intentionally) you need to practice more.

Dancing cane, appearing cards, color changing fans, duo dancing canes and a beautiful moment at the end with paper hearts fluttering from the roof.

LU Chen and Dr Leon had a great MC spot that involves a floating box cum Metamorphosis ending with Lu Chen holding the box up with a single finger. A fun and surprising piece that took the audience completely off guard.

Den Den followed with his beautiful FISM act which I’ve had the pleasure of seeing multiple times during his recent Illusionists tour. There is something poetic about his performance as is the case with Lukas and his beautifully visual manipulation. It looks like real magic.

The show should have ended here but continued with Kenji ( good by itself but not next to the prior acts ) followed by the lack luster Lee Ling in traditional Asian garb ( cue complaints ) with torch to fans, silk through ring, color changing costume whilst standing against the wall followed by obligatory streamers. A weak ending for an otherwise enjoyable stage gala show.

So ends day two of FISM 2018 .... we are definitely feeling that FISM spirit - another 830 am start tomorrow!

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Re: FISM 2018 - Day Two

Postby CraigMitchell » July 11th, 2018, 5:58 am

For those looking for pics - Wittus Witt has some great snaps ... _2018.html

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Re: FISM 2018 - Day Two

Postby CraigMitchell » July 13th, 2018, 10:38 pm

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