Can't remember the name of this trick???

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Can't remember the name of this trick???

Postby Guest » December 30th, 2001, 6:48 pm

I read about a card trick a long time ago in Genie Magazine in which a card is "selected" by the spectator (forced the 3 of hearts for example).

Then the deck is shown to be a "marked" deck. However, it is different in that the "marks" are on the side. Through a series of cuts and mixes the cards line-up to form a name 4 times on the side of the deck, then cut/mix again to show the same name, but now larger and only twice on the deck. Then again and now it's on the entire side of the deck. The deck is spun around and the name of the card is on the other side.

Now, what was the name of that trick? And what year/issue was it (I think it was in the 70s or maybe 80s)? I've been hitting my stacks for it when I remembered the effect, and I just can't seem to find it. :confused:

Frank Yuen
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Re: Can't remember the name of this trick???

Postby Frank Yuen » December 30th, 2001, 7:44 pm

The basics that you are describing were explained in Genii in the November 1973 issue by Dr. Ewer and a few months later elaborated on by Bob Wicks. They were all basically just "ideas" that needed more filling out. Filling them out is what Paul Gertner did with his routine, "Unshuffled". You can find this routine in his book, Steel and Silver or his videos by the same name. The effect utilizes faro shuffles so that needs to be in your arsenal of sleights. If it isn't at the moment, you might want to check out a version that appeared in Magic magazine in March of 1994 by Tenkai Matsuura.

Frank Yuen

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