Michael Vincent - Hearing Less But Listening More

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Michael Vincent - Hearing Less But Listening More

Postby Scott Wells » May 17th, 2018, 5:59 pm

While at Obie's 4F convention this year, i had a chance to sit down with Michael Vincent, one of the world's foremost card magicians, for an inspirational chat. Much like Richard Turner doesn't like to define himself as a "blind magician", Michael should not be categorized as a "deaf magician". But he did lose his hearing literally overnight. It changed him in visceral ways that he says resulted in making him a better magician and speaker. When listening to this week's podcast, you can tell he is a professional speaker by his speech, diction, intonations, directing and subject matter. He is such a delight and so inspirational. This podcast is one which you might want to share with others outside the magic community who need some encouragement.

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