What effects really fooled you?

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What effects really fooled you?

Postby Guest » November 29th, 2002, 2:38 pm

Thought I'd try this as a post:

In another thread (see 'Michael Weber effect') - I've described an incredible effect that I saw Michael Weber do a number of years ago. It was a matrix effect - except that, instead of loose coins being moved around under the cover of two 'covers' - it was nails hammered into a piece of wood! Discussion with several people who were at the same 'viewing' as me drew a blank - no-one knew how it was done. Similarly, I got the impression from the posting on this site, that other people who have seen this effect have also been completely fooled.

While we run the risk of over-enhancements / over-embellishments being (innocently) made......what effects have you seen that completely fooled you and you've never figured them out?

(I can imagine that this could spurn quite a few effects with people working out a multitude of solutions. Once the 'plot' has been set - the methods will generally follow).



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Re: What effects really fooled you?

Postby Jonathan Townsend » November 29th, 2002, 3:01 pm

Originally posted by DKJones:
Thought I'd try this as a post:

In another thread (see 'Michael Weber effect') -
It would seem there is some interest in Mr. Weber's material. I saw him perform in 78 and thanked him for bringing some hope to the field of closeup magic. Perhaps now he might consent to releasing some of his effects and methods? Richard... this may be a biggie for you.

I liked what I saw back in 78 and I suspect his work has retained that sharp magical aesthetic. If you have a chance to see this man perform, GO and see for yourself.

If he's reading this forum.... Hi Mike! Best wishes and Happy Holidays! -Jon
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