Color Changing Knives & Air Travel

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Robert Kane
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Color Changing Knives & Air Travel

Postby Robert Kane » December 3rd, 2002, 9:00 pm

Here is an interesting bit for all those color changing knife fanatics (myself included) from the Washington Post web site: "WASHINGTON Some passengers still haven't gotten the word about what they can and can't take on planes. Seized at airports during the Thanksgiving crush: 15,982 pocket knives, 98 boxcutters, six guns and a brick."

Guess I will have to improve my Jumping Gems routine. :)


Re: Color Changing Knives & Air Travel

Postby Guest » December 4th, 2002, 3:37 am

I was enroute to a lecture, and going through check-in at Los Angeles (LAX) I was randomly selected for search. My check-in luggage contained twenty sets of my color-changing knives.

Security opened every one of the boxes. They then opened every box of Golden Shells, Street Shells, etc., and had to cut through the scotch tape holding the tops on. It took forever.

Eventually everything was ok'd, but it was quite a hassle. When my luggage finally arrived at the destination airport, everything had fallen out of the boxes and was jumbled around inside the suitcase.

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